Air Peace ponders 737 Max 800 buying decision pending Boeing Investigation


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The flying public waits with keen interest as Air Peace agonizes over whether to cancel 737 Max 800 order, but Air Peace awaits Boeing investigations.

Opinions continue to amass since weeks ago regarding the future of the Boeing 737 Max aircraft around the world. Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation informed the nation that there is no Boeing 737 Max being used in Nigeria in the aftermath of the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft

Recently, it has become known that Air Peace Airline ordered about 10 of the distressed aircrafts weeks ago, a fact now giving Nigerians serious concern.

On clarifying the issue, The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema, on Wednesday stated that Air Peace Airline is waiting for the investigations being carried out by Boeing on their 737 Max, before taking any major actions on its yet-to-be-shipped orders.


Air Peace is hedging its bets until investigations are concluded

“Air Peace does not have the aircraft in its fleet, so I wonder why Nigerians are attacking the airline, while nobody has attacked the carriers that have the aircraft and were operating the equipment before the accident.”

Onyema also added that they had made the orders before the aircraft was involved in the Indonesia air crash that happened on 28 October, 2018 killing 189 passengers and the Ethiopian air crash which occurred on 10 March, 2019 and claimed 157 people. Mr. Onyema revealed that other airlines are yet to cancel their orders as they are all waiting for the result of the investigations.

He hinted that for the moment, there was no clear decision, as everyone was in the same boat, waiting for the final report of the investigations.

“What airlines that have the aircraft have done now, is ground them until the result of the investigation comes out. And at the same time, countries are banning them from flying in their airspace until the investigation comes out.” he said


The 737 Max 800 could jeopardize Air Peace's public trust

Air Peace Airline’s 10 Boeing Max 737 ordered are to arrive 2023, but future action will be taken after the results of the investigation. Mr. Oyema didn't mention exactly when the Boeing investigations will be concluded.

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