The Air Force One-like train that carries George Bush snr to his final resting place


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The Air Force One-like was named to revere the 41th President of the States.

The long journey to reach his resting place next to his wife and daughter at Texas A&M University did thousands of miles. No wonder, a plane will be used for this final travel. The Air Force One Presidential plane was the one chosen. But unexpectedly,for the last miles of the journey, his remains was transferred to ride on a train. Why?

This is the train that was named to revere the 41th President of the states.

Union Pacific 4141

George Bush snr's last journey is in the Air Force One-like Union Pacific 4141

The late president once said on the inauguration of the train in 2005:

“If I had one of these when I was president, I might have left Air Force One behind” 

It is the Union Pacific 4141. Its body paint has the same color we’ve seen on the presidential airplane Air Force One. On its side runs along the words “George Bush 41 Presidential Library and Museum”.

Video: Remembering George H.W. Bush | NYT News

Joining George Bush snr in his last ride are his family members and friends.

George Bush snr passed away on November 30, aged 94, serving as the President of the USA between January 20, 1989 and January 20, 1993.

This train marked the eighth presidential funeral train and the first since the 1969 funeral of President Dwight Eisenhower.

George Bush snr in the Union Pacific 4141

This is the train that was named to revere the 41th President of the State

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