African grade-10 student builds his own car from scratch


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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A South African teen has built his car to showcase how creative he is. How did he accomplish this rare feat? See the post and how people react here!

Coming from a third world continent has never stopped Africans from unleashing their talent and creativity, whether they are young or old. We believe it runs in the African blood to always create something out of our scarce resources.

A South African grade 10 pupil has showcased his creativity which has wowed social media users.


The Grade 10 learner built his own car from scratch

The high school student singlehandedly built his own car from scratch.

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The pictures of the car were posted on Twitter by a South African user with the handle @JustTlou_.

The user shared a picture of the young man standing beside the car he built himself while calling on other South Africans to retweet the post so it gets to be seen by a kind-hearted individual who could help nurture the boy's talent.

Naijauto learned the young man schools at Tlou Matome Secondary School, a public school in Ga-Ramutla Blouberg rural, and Limpopo. He built the car, with a generator serving as engine and then running on petrol.


The talented 10th grader inside his self-built car

The tweet has gathered a lot of responses from his fellow South Africans who were impressed by his self-built car.

Here's what they're saying.

@thabisoletokiWe deserve a car that's made in SA and this young man might be the solution.

@Laughter_Ngoash: Pure talent, if can just ignore all negativity and focus. So proud of him.

@Mzwakhe83066585So much creativity and I think the government should help this boy to further his studies

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