[Video] Talented African mechanic turns old cars into like-new luxury models


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This video showing how a Ghanaian mechanic usually transforms old car models into newer versions with just a few touches and repaint works.

It is natural for most people driving an old car model to wish they could “magically” transform their cars into a newer model without having to spend so much buying a new one just for that sake.

This type of “magical” desire is exactly what Osei Nyame, a talented Ghanaian mechanic specializes in bringing old cars into life with his special vehicle customization skills.

He began to gain more attention in Nigeria after a recent viral video shows how he transformed an old model Mercedes G-Wagon SUV into a newer 2019 version with just a few touches and paint works. (If you are curious about how to upgrade Mercedes-Benz cars step by step, read this post!)


Meet Osei Nyame – the talented Ghanaian mechanic who specializes in transforming old car models into the newer versions

Image Source: Kofi TV

According to online sources, Osei Nyame an innovative professional automobile mechanic whose workshop is located at the Abbosey-Okai part of Accra, Ghana. He is reportedly an expert in transforming old or ragged-looking vehicles into newer luxury models with his “magical” touches and customizations.

Osei Nyame became more popular after a Ghanaian TV channel, Kofi TV released a recent video of an interview with him as well as a tour around his workshop where he transforms old cars into newer versions. In the viral video, Nyame explained to Kofi TV that he usually orders for new parts of the latest version of any old car he wants to transform – then he uses the ordered parts for transforming the old car. Some of the common parts he normally uses for the transformation include; front guard, front grille, headlights, taillights and etc.

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Below is the viral video released by Kofi TV showing how Osei Nyame literally transformed an old Mercedes G-Wagon SUV into a newer version; 


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