Best African footballers’ houses and cars: Nigeria gets 2 in top 5


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Best African footballers’ houses and cars prove the best have different tastes of enjoying life.

In the playground of the World Cup tournaments, Africa is always considered underdogs but the modern football has minimized the gap worldwide. Who now can say an African national football team won’t win the most valuable title of sports?

Furthermore, African players like Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane has emerged as ones of the world-class players that all the European clubs are chasing. And so, footballers from the Young Continents gain difference views from soccer fans now. African footballers’ houses and cars are even the dreams of many others of their colleagues. Why don’t you join and discover the heavenly lifestyles of the best African footballers right now?


Who are the best African football players?

I. What is football? Let us redefine the true meaning

The dictionaries will tell you football is simply a team sport of two opposite teams playing for triumph over a ball, and of course, football must be played by foot. But would like to take a different route in defining its meaning. While the dictionaries focus on the way it works or generates, why don’t we look into its significance?


Football is also a bridge to a brighter future

To many of the young outcasts or kids who live in poverty, football in Africa is not one of the athletic sports we normally see anymore. It’s like an eraser that swipes off the hardship they feel because when they play football, they simply put the whole themselves into it. Any matter of the world vanishes into the thin air, only things left being the happiness, passion, and affection.

Football, in another aspect, is also a bridge that connects those kids to a better life over the other bank. From the love for the king of all sports, if playing well enough and lucky enough, they can harbor the dream of playing professionally in Europe as academies in the Old Continents spare a whopping amount of time searching for potential footballers. So to this point, I also want to add another meaning to it: the Bridge to a better life.

II. Who are the best African footballers and what do they have?

The question on who the best African footballers may be tricky to answer as it depends on different criteria but how about taking the World Cup as the measure for it? Isn’t that idea bad? Many may ask why not choosing Confederation of African Football (CAF) (or African Cup of Nations) but FIFA World Cup(National Team), as mentioned earlier, is the biggest playground and sports event that attract people from all over the world, and the top teams to join the tournament has had proved themselves in a long-term campaign as well as breath-taking playoffs, so it might be prudent to taking the points from the World Cup performance plus what they’ve been doing at the club level in the past year.


Football can change the lives of many poor children in Africa

List of African best players

5. John Obi Mikel

The Chelsea player has gained enough of trickery to lead the Nigeria National Football Team in the battle for the World Cup. With his strength and mindset, Nigeria was hoped the break the FIFA competitions' history of African teams for not ever advancing to the semi-finals (First time they reached quarter-final was Cameroon in the 1990 World Cup). Though he failed to carry the Super Eagles through the group stage, John Obi Mikel was not to blame. It was the excellence of Lionel Messi that ended the journey of us too soon!


John Obi Mikel is the great caption of Nigeria National football team

4. Kalidou Koulibaly

Koulibaly is being one of the most sought-after players in Europe. The Senegalese is playing wonderfully in Seria-A with Napoli, only second to Juventus of Cristiano Ronaldo. His versatile style of playing that is also very efficient, as compared to the World Champion Kolo Kante. The other thing that makes Koulibaly shines on the transfer market is the spirit he blows into each match he’s in. Manchester United is keeping its eyes on the Senegalese.


Koulibaly is in the zoom of Manchester United

3. Victor Moses

If the John Obi Mikel has been the hopes of Nigeria for the past many years and about to give a farewell to professional football due to his age, Victor Moses has been accumulating the experience under the same roof of Chelsea and really to be an ease to the absence of his senior. As a middle fielder, Moses is compared to a perfect wing-back who can do it all for his spot of the field. His strength and stamina allow the Nigerian to cover any space in the field, what a player!


Victor Moses will be the next hope of Nigeria

2. Sadio Mane

Klopp is a good manager who helped the Liverpool squad reach the final of the UEFA Champions League against Real Madrid. But a good team is built from good players as well. Being the core member in Jurgen Klopp’s campaign, Sadio Mane never disappointed his teacher. Every pace made by Sadio Mane is the fear of his opponents. What’s more, he is also a good provider of assists to Salad and Firmino and in time needed to decide the game, he can turn into a good striker!


Sadio Mane is a speed beast

1. Mohamed Salah

Everyone agrees on Mo Salah at the present is the biggest star in Africa. His influence used to be even compared to the President of Egypt. Shining at Liverpool as well as his national football team, Mohamed Salah was honored to have his nickname as the Price of Egypt. And to those who called him one-season wonder, topping the Premier League table to welcome Christmas is the wisest answer Salah could give. Salah is of only one goal fewer than top goal scorer of Premier League Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang with 12.


Mohamed Salah's influence is even compared to that of the Egyptian President

Best African footballers’ houses and cars

5. John Obi Mikel’s houses and cars

  • John Obi Mikel’s houses

The Chelsea player earns money the most from football, but he also enjoys endorsement from Samsung or Pepsi as well. This facilitates his dream life including a mansion in London for his accommodation after playing. Sources of news reported of his houses in Lekki and Jos while his real estate legacy is spread across the country.

John-Ob- Mikel-nad-his-houses

John Obi Mikel often appeared in the photos with his house


He also earns money from endorsement


He seems happy with his house

  • John Obi Mikel’s cars

Beside the attention to real estate, cars are his hobby as well. His garage features the Bentley Continental GT which cost around N35 million. Other cars in his collection includes a black Mercedes-Benz G-500, a Land Rover Range Rover Sport, and an expensive Mercedes G-Wagon, etc.


The Bentley is his most famous in the fleet


Like his teamate at Chelsea, the Range Rover is a must


The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is the dream of every one

4. Kalidou Koulibaly’s houses and cars

Though being in the close watch of the biggest European clubs, the humble guy keeps closemouthed about his private life. Media hardly find information of his accommodation as well as the vehicles in his garage. Some of the rare times Kalidou Koulibaly were caught in frame were when he was in a normal car giving the cameraman a gentle smile.


Though being one of the best center back at present, Kalidou Keulibaly leads a modest lifestyle

3. Victor Moses’ houses and car

  • Victor Moses’s houses

Media are not friends of the Nigerian player. Fans find it hard to know about his personal life. the only things sources of news could report of was his mansion in Lekki which was described as his duplicated house in England in terms of amenities with a penthouse cinema, a swimming pool and many other gadgets.

Victor Moses’s-houses

Victor Moses brings in a duplicate of his house in English to his home country

  • Victor Moses’s cars

He’s got at least 4 exotic cars in his garage which is one of the best fleets among Chelsea FC players's cars. They are the Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz G-Class, the Ferarri 458 Italia, and the BMW i8.


The Ferrari 458 Italia


The BMW i8


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class


The Aston Martin

2. Sadio Mane’s house and cars

Sadio Mane is in no mood with showing his house but he loves shooting alongside his vehicles. There are reportedly some of the most exotic cars in his garage featuring famous brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW, and Audi.


Sadio Mane has big love for the black color


His set of clothing is full of black as well


Audi is one of his favorite brand

1. Mohamed Salah’s house and car

Like his teammate, Mohamed Salah doesn’t have time for showing aside from playing, the only one time he was caught by camera is when he was driving his Mercedes car. However, he has more than that, namely the Audi Q7, Lamborghini Aventador, Mercedes-AMG GLE Coupe, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, and Toyota Camry.


Salah - the fear of any goalkeeper at Premier League as well as the opposite opponent of the Egypt national football team


Salah is a son of the speed. His vehicles are speed beasts as well


He is rarely caught driving


The only one time he was caught driving was in his Mercedes-AMG


The speed of Ferrari and its color describes Salah the best- a speedy Salah of Liverpool


Salah got himself an Audi Q7

III. Bottom lines

Life is hard but hardship just makes us stronger. Those 5 best African footballer’s houses and cars are the best examples of escaping the African poverty to reach for their passion and being the world’s happiest people with an enjoyable life and career. We are privileged to witness those fellows who bring to us the message of never giving up what life hands to us. hopes you enjoy reading our celebrity car collection series and stay tuned for more auto news in Nigeria as well as worldwide.

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