Top 30 African countries with best roads in 2018 ratings


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Are Nigerian roads better than those of other African countries? Check out the top 30 countries in Africa with the best roads according to 2018 ratings!

We have many times discussed here on Naijauto, the deteriorating conditions of most dangerous Nigerian roads and the lackadaisical response of the government towards tackling this issue once and for all.

It is very surprising to discover that most other neighbouring African countries are now seriously improving than Nigeria in many spheres, especially their road’s quality. One needs not to be told how good roads usually boost transportation in a country and makes life easier for her citizens.

Recently, the WEF (World Economic Forum) released a list of countries worldwide together with their respective overall road ratings. From the entire list, the one for Africa really caught our attention when we saw Nigeria’s position on it.


Good roads have so much to offer a nation in terms of revenue and comfort of its citizen

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2018 WEF rating of the top 30 African countries with best roads

Please note that the WEF ratings are based on a 1.0 to 7.0 scale with a 1.0 rating meaning “extremely poor” and a 7.0 meaning “extremely good”.

See the list in the table below;

2018 WEF rating of the top 30 countries in Africa with the best roads   
 S/N  Countries WEF Rating (1.0 - 7.0) 
 Namibia 5.10 
2  Rwanda 4.70 
3  Egypt 4.50 
4  Mauritius 4.50 
5  Morocco 4.50 
Seychelles  4.50 
 South Africa 4.30 
 Swaziland 4.30 
Kenya  4.20 
10  Cape Verde  3.80 
11   Gambia 3.80 
12   Tunisia 3.80 
13   Senegal 3.70 
14   Tanzania 3.70 
15  Algeria 3.60 
 16 Botswana  3.60 
 17  Seirra Leone 3.60 
 18  Ghana  3.50 
 19 Uganda  3.50 
20   Mali 3.40 
21  Zambia  3.40 
22   Ethiopia 3.30 
23   Ivory Coast 3.30 
24   Burundi 3.00 
25   Benin 2.90 
26   Malawi 2.90 
27   Cameroon 2.80 
28   Liberia 2.80 
29   Burkina Faso 2.70 
30  Zimbabwe  2.70 

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A roundabout in Namibia - the African country with the best quality roads

Did you find Nigeria on the list?

Well, that clearly shows how bad most of our roads have become in this country.

In case you are still eager to know our positions on the original list, here you go;

  • Nigeria is rated as the 33rd country out of just 38 African countries
  • And out of 140 countries rated in the world list, Nigeria was able to hold the 133rd position on the list with a 2.40 WEF overall road rating.

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