Afeez Tijani cars, assets and the way he claims to obtain all of those


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See how Afeez Tijani cars and house are made and his vague stories about how he could acquire those assets! Check the detailed story in the post below!

1. Who is Afeez Tijani?

The information about this mysterious man is very limited. Our journalists have tried every way possible to extract even the tiniest bit of information about him. Apparently,  Afeez Tijani car, his inspirational and at the same time controversial remarks are what showed up the most. Normally, a man with such attention should have spread his information all over the Internet by now. 

In addition, some sources suggest that this man was born in 1976. If that information is true, he's probably 43 years old by now.


If we have to make a comparison, Afeez Tijani is like a ghost online

On his Facebook account, he claimed to have graduated from the prestigious institution, the University of Oxford, and is now working for GNLD, a Multileveled Marketing (or Network Marketing) company, as a high-ranking employee. 

The information about the company will be revealed in the latter half of our article. Presumably, this job is how Afeez Tijani car and diamond villa were obtained. 

2. Afeez Tijani cars - Afeez Tijani Toyota Land Cruiser

If you're not a GNLD follower, you may wonder why so many people are searching for Afeez Tijani car or Afeez Tijani Toyota Land Cruiser. He is not a celebrity nor a politician, but why get that much attention from the public?

The fact is recently, Alfeez Tijani car was revealed by a video he brought to his Facebook account. In the clip, there was a large crowd surrounding the car and a cameraman who moved around to try and get every corner of the car. Many of us might find this car familiar and strange at the same time. "Say what my friend??" might be your reaction, but just bear with me for a few more minutes and you'd know why!

Alfeez Tijani car seemed to draw much attention from the public

By looking at the shape of the Alfeez Tijani car, it is obviously a Toyota Land Cruiser 2016, but the unusually large body and blinky front grill could confuse some of us.


Its familiar outlook, together with some modified details might confuse some people 

Actually, it's true that this car is indeed a Toyota Land Cruiser 2016, but not any Land Cruiser. Alfeez Tijani Toyota Land Cruiser was an expensive modified version of the car named KNM EDITION 5DD. More importantly, people care about this car because it's the most obvious evidence of his success when working for GNLD. Myriad of people might be dreaming one day they will have the same car model if collaborating with this multilevel network.


An ordinary Land Cruiser did not satisfy Alfeez Tijani

3. Discussion around Afeez Tijani latest cars

Through one of his statement online, he has recently purchased another vehicle of the same brand Toyota, a specially made Fortuner with N10.6 million Naira. We don't know how many percents of this statement is true, but since there's no confirmed picture of this car, you better take it with a grain of salt.


Afeez Tijani claimed his ownership of another car, a Toyota Fortuner

Judging by his taste in cars, it is safe to say that he's pretty keen on sport utility vehicles, especially modified ones. If that's the case, we might as well suggest some models that he may find appealing.

Guesses around Afees Tijani choosing a modified Toyota Fortuner

  • The recent Fortuners are already intimidating-looking enough, but they could still be made more rugged with this set of modifications. The one you see here uses black-painted alloy wheels, coupled with lower-profile rubber. This combination alone lifts its appeal by a few degrees. A bug screen was introduced to the bonnet and a set of LED fixtures were presented in the front grille. This modification doesn't "transform" the car like the one you would see with supercars, yet its simplicity has brought the vehicle to the next level.


The Toyota Fortuner was radically changed with just a few modifications (Source: Permaisuri)

  • Another Fortuner that would make its way to Alfeez Tijani car fleet, one modified by DC - the best vehicle customized designer from India. His firm is known for modifying cars on sale inside out to give them a fresh new look. The image of the Toyota Fortuner above was a heavily modified previous-gen Toyota Fortuner. With its massive gaping front grille, this redesigned Fortuner looks kinda fascinating, to begin with, and kind of change it to a whole different car. One daring though, maybe Alfeez Tijani will purchase this very car after reading our article, who knows?


The modification from DC literally transformed the bodywork of the Fortuner

4. Afeez Tijani net worth

According to his Facebook posts, he has reached the "Diamond level" in the GNLD company and the money supposedly generated from this job has resulted in his cars and his diamond villa, which we will cover below. The exact number of his net worth is nowhere to be found.

As in the picture posted himself, Afeez and his wife Rooqoyat Tijani have just received a bonus cheque of $55,045 in August last year, equivalent to nearly N20 million, let alone his salary annually. It is this kind of information that urges so many people to join his GNLD team and sell Neolife products.

However, other than his own pictures sometimes about his life, there's no objective information source to verify the news or his identity. That is to say this bonus event as well as his cyber net worth could be a complete hoax.


The picture could indicate a successful businessman or a sophisticated fraud

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5. Afeez Tijani house & Afeez Tijani diamond villa

Just like the story of his second vehicle, the Fortuner, his net worth, his house and its location is a total myth to us Nigerians. Maybe he chooses to lead a low-key life, maybe he doesn't have one in the first place. But if those images become available to get in any way, Naijauto will surely get it first.


Afeez and wife boast a luxury life but nowhere can we see his house and real-time whereabouts

We don't know his intention behind the name Afeez Tijani Diamond villa, but the supposed picture below suggests that the walls are neither diamond-encrusted nor blinky on the outside. If we might guess, it's inspired by his supposed title in his company - the Diamond rank. The photo itself, isn't confirmed or verified either to be Afeez Tijani's property. It seems every piece of information related to this man is just floating on the Internet and in people's mind. Not sure they are even for real and reliable.


A picture that is supposed to be Alfeeze Tijani diamond villa 

6. GNLD Nigeria: where Afeez Tijani works & his money comes from

By now, you're probably pretty intrigued by this man, by what he does and how he managed to pull off all those things in life. So let Naijauto gather some information about this company for you, but please be aware that the authenticity of these data haven't been confirmed yet.

*Disclaimer: This information is taken and arranged from various sources on the Internet. This is no way a career guideline that encourages you to participate in this controversial company's business. We're not responsible for any financial loss that might occur. Take everything you read with a pinch, if not a mountain, of salt.

GNLD Nigeria, a.k.a NeoLife is a company that does business in the dietary supplement industry. The products are said to help with all sort of your dietary and health problems.

Neolife products

They sell everything that is claimed to help with your dietary issues, from detoxing, weight loss to maintaining your health. Most of them are canned and bottle goods that are said to be nutrient-packed. They are smart enough to warn us about the side effect. People who are lactose intolerant or are intolerant with senna extract might experience some stomach discomfort and cramps.


Neolife products are promoted to supply vitamins and nutrients for the body

The company model is called "network marketing". But on our observation, it's just another way to describe the old-school Multi-leveled marketing, which sells products through promoters, and, in theory, could have an endless chain of commands. For example, if A invited B as his/her subordinate, B could do the same with another, and so on. The money you get bases on either how much the company sells or that plus how many people that are above your paygrade. If you find this instruction unclear, may I suggest you think of Herbalife as a similar business model.


Apparently, Alfeeze Tijani is "hooking" his followers by some ostensibly coherent strategy on Facebook

Should you join a multi-level marketing?

7. Conclusion

On the internet, Alfeez Tijani appears to be a successful individual who makes a mini fortune by the sweat of his brow. Alfeez Tijani cars and house are often brought up to illustrate his success. But since much of the information about him is still a secret, it's best if we keep a cool head and wait for more until we make any sort of decision.

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