Acquire these 6 GM models before they're discontinued


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After the end of 2019, you'd probably never see this model getting out of a factory anymore. Go see and maybe grasp one of them before its production ended!

With the fierce competition in the auto market, especially from the emerging brands from China, whose technology was systematically stolen from foreign brands on a massive scale, GM is experiencing some really bad years. Despite all the political punishments from the US POTUS, Donald Trump, trying to curb unhealthy competition from China, the effect is yet to reach GM's quarterly financial report.

The latest movement from GM to try to weather through this is by cutting down labors and also making changes in the production allocation. The sedans' sales figures were dim in many places where people particularly favor trucks, SUVs, and semi-trucks. Consequently, 5 factories are planned to be shut down. 

Below are 6 models that have to "go with the flow" and are expected to be discontinued by the end of 2019:

1. Chevrolet Cruze

Nigerians are well aware of this car as this type is relatively common on the roads of Nigeria. It has been around 10 years since the day it's first introduced to the public in 2008. Unfortunately, despite being intentioned to be sold in North America, it's actually more prefered in Mexico.


Produced in America but more favored by Mexicans, GM cannot afford to continue with it

2. Cadillac CT6

This car is produced under the brand name Cadillac, the same brand with Mr. President's beast. But it seems that people in the U.S don't have much interest in it and therefore GM decide it's time to let it go.


This big luxury car was not well received by Americans

3. Cadillac XTS

Another "sibling" from the Full-size luxury of Cadillac has to suffer the same consequence, the X-series Touring Sedan was nothing more than a bigger copy of the Epsilon II and that's probably why it doesn't make through the 7th year of its life.


Another "relative" from the Cadillac luxury line getting the cold shoulder

4. Buick LaCrosse

Having survived the longest time in this list so far, its sales saw a steady decline pattern and therefore its 4th generation will never be out in the market. The 3rd version will be the most advanced LaCrosse ever manufactured.


More than a decade on the market is already considered a success for any model

5. Chevrolet Impala

At this point, it's only fair if this model is ended since it's been around for more than half a decade from 1958; and also in one year, it sold in greatest number in the whole America. By then, it was the costliest vehicle in the passenger section.


More than 50 years on the road, this Chevy will go down in history

6. Chevrolet Volt

This car was introduced when the hybrid car trend was hyped. Now that 9 years went by, the trendy tagline now is "electric", and so GM need to do what needed to be done.


This hybrid Chevy is no longer prioritized anymore

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