Minister of transportation Amaechi applauds his achievements in Nigerian transport sector


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“I have done my best; there is nothing else I can do, I could not have done better than what I have done, they have been changes in the transport system." Click to read more!

With the re-election of President Muhammad Buhari, some things will naturally go on as they have always been. However, some officials will have to be changed in the reshuffling of the ministries' officials. Some of these officials are not sure if they will continue in their present office or be given another portfolio.

One of these officials is the Minister of transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi who has said in an interview, that he has done his best work so far for the ministry of transport. He said that the ministry had experienced progress under his watch since he took office in 2015.

According to news reaching Naijauto from the interview, he granted in Abuja, Amaechi itemised all his achievements in his tenure as transportation minister. Some of the achievements he listed include the improved rail sub-sector, safer Nigerian waterways; as well as the improvement of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) in the area of regulation.

Amaechi was quoted as saying: “I have done my best; there is nothing else I can do, I could not have done better than what I have done, they have been changes in the transport system."


Significant progress has been made on the Lagos-Ibadan rail project according to Amaechi!

“Now you can go to Kaduna from Abuja regularly and safely by rail; we are almost concluding the Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge, and we are also renegotiating with a South African firm under a public-private partnership to rehabilitate the narrow gauge lines.

“There is a lot of improvement in the waters. We contracted 495 million dollars to the Israelis to secure our waters for two years.

“That way, the cost of transporting goods into Nigeria will reduce and the delay time of cargoes at the seaport has started reducing.

“We are partnering with the Ministry of Works to work on the Lagos road that leads to the seaport, and that will tackle the traffic gridlock experienced on the axis.

“So far, we are satisfied that we have made our contributions,’’ he explained.

The former governor of Rivers state also addressed the cabinet change, saying that there has been the passion that has been built into the system, adding that anyone would perform well in the system laid down already. He also reiterated that the ministry is doing all it can to complete the Lagos-Ibadan rail project before the May cabinet reshuffling, while at the same time trying to get approval for the Ibadan-Kano rail project.

“We need to get the government to approve the Ibadan-Kano and see how far the China Exim bank can fight and give us a loan; we also need to establish the University of Transportation in Daura.


Mr. Rotimi Amaechi was quite proud of himself

“The Ibadan-Kano is currently one track because the China Exim Bank said it does not have money for double track. We are funding 15 percent and they are funding 85 percent,’’ he concluded.

What do you think about these self-applausing words from our Minister of transportation? Is it justifiable or just a lullaby to the public?

Naijauto hopes that these targets will be met by May 2019 when there will probably be a reshuffle of the ministerial appointments.

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Segun Ogunbiyi
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