Most dreadful accidents in Nigeria recently and why they happened


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No one wants to be involved in road accidents, and yet it still happened. Check in to see most tragic accidents and what are its main causes to avoid for yourself!

Road accidents have been a catastrophe in the world, and Nigeria is no exception. Over the period of 30 months, there are in total of nearly 13 thousand Nigerians killed in road traffic accidents, as data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show.

Just recently, an accident was reported on a street of Nigeria. Judging from the pictures, the car landed on the median of the road and was probably hit by another car since the median seems intact. Two cars involved in the accidents were severely damaged and deformed, with one car totally destroyed at the hood and the other at the rear end.


The crash immediately killed 3 hapless men 

All the three men involved did not make it. And a witness has captured the car plate number, so you may help identify victims' identity.


The car plate number in the accident

That's, however, not the most tragic incident yet.

Another instance of traffic accidents killed triple the number, 9 people in total. The accident happened in one of the busiest expressways of Nigeria, the Lagos-Ibadan, which connects Ibadan, the capital of Nigeria's southwestern state of Oyo and the commercial hub Lagos. The accident was indeed horrible. It was caused by an uncontrollable bus that crashed into a truck on the highway. 9 people were reported dead on the scene while injured passengers were quickly assisted to nearest hospitals. 


The faulty brake in the bus is the cause for at least 9 fatalities in the Lagos-Ibadan expressway

Back in 2016, there were more than 5 thousand Nigeria civilians killed in road accidents. Statistics in 2017 show a similar number.

Speed violation is reported as the major cause of road crashes in the second quarter of 2018 and it's responsible for 50.65 percent of the total road crashes reported. Closely followed are tire burst and reckless driving as they both accounted for 8.59 percent and 8.40 percent of the total road crashes recorded.


Busy as you might be, don't exchange a few seconds at the red light with a lifetime on the hospital's bed

On behalf of the writer's team at, we hope that all drivers would drive responsibly. Let's make 2019 an accident-free year, shall we?

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