Accident at Agunlejika on Oshodi-Apapa expressway as Mini-Truck crashes into a Stationary Containerized truck


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A recent Accident occurred at Agunlejika on Oshodi-Apapa expressway as Mini-Truck crashes into a Stationary Containerized truck. Read the report here now!

Reports reaching us here at has it that a recent ghastly accident just occurred on Oshodi-Apapa expressway in Lagos.

This accident has been reported to have occurred precisely at the Agunlejika Area, inward Ijesha along Mile 2.

This horrible accident involved a certain truck (stationary containerized) and one moving mini tanker only. The LASTMA officials have made efforts with help also from the passersby in removing the victims that were trapped in these vehicles as they evacuate the affected vehicles altogether to clear the scene.

Below are some photos from the accident scene:


One of the crashed vehicles involved in the ghastly accident


Passersby helping to remove trapped victims from the affected vehicles

This accident had occurred at the early hours of Tuesday 5th of March, 2019 and so far we haven’t gotten further updates or details of the accident. We do not know as of yet, if any human lives were lost or how many people got injured or if there was any at all.

The rate of horrible accident reports like this that we keep getting are continuing to increase recently and we are not yet sure what could be the real causes of these occurrences.

All we could do as of now is to just advice all drivers and car owners to try as much as possible to adhere to proper traffic rules, and take caution on both public and street roads.

The human life is more precious than any expensive vehicle.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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