Abuja police arrested tricycle driver over passenger rape


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An alleged rapist in Abuja has been arrested and is facing arraignment in court over alleged rape of a female passenger. Read the full story here!

It was an operation gone wrong for Victor Achianu, an Abuja based tricycle operator, who was quicly arrested after he raped a female passenger. The incident took place in Gidan Mangoro, which is in Orozo, a surburb of the FCT.

Victor Achianu had allegedly driven his tricycle out of sight while carrying the female passenger, and then proceeded to have non-consensual sex with her. The victim had innocently boarded the tricycle at Jiwoyo on her way to Gidan Daya also in Orozo.

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Tricycles are a very popular means of transport in Nigeria

The Abuja commissioner of Police, Bala Ciroma revealed details of the case at Abuja Police command headquarters on Friday the 21st. Members of the press were told that the tricycle operator, post the dastardly deed, took to his heels when the victim cried out.

A crowd quickly gathered and was able to effect a citizens-arrest of the alleged culprit. The victim then picked out the alleged rapist from a police identity line-up.  

The Abuja Police commissioner reported that the suspect would be arraigned in court along with a Mr Ali Idris who is also being held on similar charges. Ali Idris allegedly attempted to rape a 6-year old child.

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