See the viral video of Abuja taxi driver that stripped naked after his car was impounded for violating lockdown order


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Have you seen the video of one Abuja taxi driver who displayed serious drama after his car was impounded for violating the lockdown order?

Just when you think you have seen it all, some Nigerians will give you fresh drama that will leave you shocked again. This was exactly how one Abuja taxi driver left police officers, pressmen, and passersby in shock when he stripped naked just because his car was impounded for violating the lockdown order.


Abuja taxi driver strips Naked in protest after his car was impounded for violating FCT lockdown

Source: AIT News

At first sight, one might think that this “Crazy” taxi driver could be the first person to have his/her car impounded for violating the presidential lockdown order in Abuja; until you realize that just last 2 weeks alone FCT police impounded 106 cars, motorcycles, and tricycles. As a matter of fact, the Federal Road Safety Corps also disclosed recently that it has so far, arrested 321 persons and impounded their vehicles in just 6 days alone for overloading offenses. 

Below is the short video that captured all of the drama displayed by the Abuja taxi driver;

  COVID-19 HUNGER: Abuja taxi driver strips Naked after his car was impounded

Just like we earlier mentioned above, there has been quite a huge number of people arrested as well as their vehicles impounded for violating the Abuja lockdown but none has displayed such drama like the man in the above video. His actions seem outrageous on a normal day until he gave some heart-touching reasons for his actions.

According to press reports and the man’s comment in the video; he claims that his reason for violating the lockdown order was to fend for himself. He said that if he stays at home as the president instructed, “hunger” virus will eventually kill him before the COVID-19 virus itself. When he was asked for the reason behind his stripping naked “protest”; he said that he had to do so for the government and everyone to understand clearly that all isn’t well with his family and himself.

Should this type of action/drama from taxi drivers be supported or condemned during this period?

In any case, we hope that the Nigerian government understands that very soon this lockdown might start to become unbearable for citizens who feed themselves from daily jobs if there aren't adequate palliatives. But for now, let's stay home and stay safe from the deadly COVID-19 virus.

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