Abuja mechanic was caught cruising client’s car


Posted by: Oluwaseun Adeniji

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An Abuja mechanic recently was caught and reported by a man on twitter for allegedly cruising clients' cars. Read here for full story!

Twitter is one of the hottest platforms that Nigerians share info about current happenings in the country and other parts of the world. As along as the gist is sweet, Naija people no dey carry last! Recently, a Nigerian Mechanic based in Abuja was seen by a man identified as Frank Madrid with the twitter handle @frankmadrod42, cruising the client’s all around the Abuja. Unknown to him, the moment Frank saw the car, he recognized the mechanic and his fondness for having fun with the customers’ cars. This made him approach the social media platform to call out the owner of the vehicle to pick the car up from the mechanic as soon as possible. He also corroborated his story by posting the picture of the car, Honda Accord along one of the streets in the FCT. He said:

"If u are the owner of this Honda Accord in Abuja, am very sure your car had a GEAR issue and you took it to one auto-gear mechanic guy in Durumi around Area1, well your car is ready but he will not tell you cos he’s cruising it around. dat wat he does I’ve been a victim


Finding a reliable and trustworthy mechanic in Nigeria could be challenging at times


This tweet owner was once a victim of similar act

The tweet went viral and made many Nigerians to tag the post and reacted accordingly.

>>> Check out Nigerians' reactions to this post:

Itoro Tommy @itoro261 Almost all mechanics do the same ... Follow up with your car repairs is key.. 

@LusciousLoyce I've been in tht situatn. The guy eventually messed up my entire car again at my expense bcos he kept it wit him using it for himself his family untl one of his workers stole my # from him an reveal to me everythn... this's what he does to his clients. His workshop has closed up! 

 Anxnx @PostnvtKlarity Gave one my car to respray with half tank. Got the car back with the tank on reserve with their favourite CDs in the car stereo and my own CDs thrown away. 

Miss Peters @Am_sexyslim That was how one took my Ex Car and carried his family to a child dedication and we had date that day . I got all dressed up no car . We ended up doing our date at home cos the mechanic kept posting us with "I don almost reach your house " till his phone was off. 

Hope we have learnt our lesson from this. Be wary of the kind of mechanic you give your car out to especially for long term repair.

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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Oluwaseun Adeniji

Oluwaseun Adeniji

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