Abuja FCTA orders arrest of drivers overloading vehicles with passengers amidst COVID-19 outbreak


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Abuja’s FCTA announces a new order to arrest drivers who overload their vehicles with passengers to curb Coronavirus outbreak in Nigeria.

In an effort to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Abuja, the FCTA (Federal Capital Territory Administration) has ordered that officers of the road traffic enforcement agencies should arrest any driver caught overloading a vehicle with too many passengers.


Abuja FCTA orders arrest of drivers overloading vehicles with passengers amidst COVID-19 outbreak

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Mr. Ikharo Attah, the chairman of the FCT Ministerial Traffic Management Task Team disclosed to the press recently that it would be highly inappropriate for any driver to overload a vehicle with passengers during this type of pandemic period just for the sake of quick money.

“Those carrying two passengers in front of their vehicles would have their vehicles impounded and drivers license seized. Besides the health risks, it is also unsafe as the driver finds it difficult to adjust his gear and hand breaks”

Mr. Attah also mentioned that drivers of long busses will also be checked properly to make sure that all of them adhere strictly to this new rule. The Chairman also called on all operators of tricycles (KeKe Napep/Marwa) and Okada (commercial motorcycles), not to overload. He also called the attention of transport unions and motor parks to adhere to these new directives of limiting gatherings of people to just 50.

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Mr. Ikharo Attah advised transporters as well to be very observant of the kind of passengers they take. He stressed that they should pay attention to any form of respiratory problems and should report to health authorities once noticed.

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Naijauto, however, recommends drivers and car owners to read up these tips for cleaning and disinfecting your car against coronavirus. Also, we strongly advise that all health guidelines and rules concerning self-protection against this viral pandemic should be taken seriously individually especially when boarding a public transport vehicle.

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