Abuja residents lament over the new ban on Keke NAPEP


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Most of Abuja residents are clearly not in support of the FCT’s new ban on the popular tricycles known as “Keke NAPEP”. Read some of their reactions here!

Naijauto need not stress how much the popular tricycles called “Maruwa” or “Keke NAPEP” have become a regular and safer “inter-street” transport medium in Nigeria cities today. This is no wonder why Abuja residents have now been lamenting continuously over the FCT administration’s new ban on tricycles in Abuja.

According to a report on newspaper, the government has even begun arresting tricycle operators in mass for violating this new “ban” order.

Many FCT residents have begun protesting on the streets while others have taken to social media platforms such as Twitter to lament this unfavourable ban.


Though Abuja residents have been happily using Keke, the government wants it taken off FCT roads

A lot of people are not happy with this ban because other popular and highly populated cities like Lagos still allow these Keke NAPEP tricycles to operate freely. So, why the ban in Abuja?

Below are some of the reactions from Abuja residents on Twitter:

Username NdiKato:

Why does the government hate poor people?
Abuja is mostly populated AND SERVICED by poor people. How do we expect them to get around without Keke?

Every policy we throw up seems to tell poor people to get out of the way.

Same poor people you gave your stickers during election.

Username DREYLO:

They want to turn Nigeria into America overnight by banning Keke in Abuja.  Now they have added more people to the “ jobless “ category. God Epp us.

Username Gimba Kakanda:

What’s the exact story behind the ban of tricycles (Keke) in Abuja? Is it a strike or a ban by the government? Because you can’t just ban such large-scale commercial life without providing an alternative solution, for both the tricyclists and Abuja residents who depended on them.

Some other accounts have fun ways to deal with the situation, like we capture their post in photos below!



Reactions to the new ban on Keke Napep in Abuja

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