Story behind Abuja Aeroplane House: who built it & why?


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The beautiful and strange "Aeroplane House" in Abuja has always been a mysterious edifice, but now BBC finally uncovers its underlying story about the reason it was constructed. Read details below!

The “Aeroplane House” is one of the most popular buildings in Abuja that intrigues us at Naijauto as well as many other FCT residents. Unfortunately, no one has ever told the true story behind this beautiful and strange edifice until recently that BBC released a report revealing some interesting facts regarding the building.


The “Aeroplane House” is a captivating popular building in Abuja that spikes mystery in the hearts of people when seeing it for the first time

Meet Jammal who built Abuja Aeroplane house

In a recently published BBC interview featuring the owner of the “Aeroplane House” – Said Jammal; so many fascinating facts about the edifice were revealed.

Jammal disclosed to BBC that he built this captivating building especially for his wife, Liz. He claims that he wanted her to always feel as if she was inside a plane anytime she’s in the house. Jammal says the house design was mainly inspired by the love his wife had for travelling.


The Abuja “Aeroplane House” has been serving as a tourist attraction ever since it was built


In the BBC interview, Said Jammal also stated that he first completed just one room in the entire house after which he moved into it with his whole family. Then he revealed that despite the fact that he had started building the house since the year 1999, it is yet to be completed till now. Jammal is an elderly man that was clearly proud of his “Aeroplane House” as he discloses that the building has always attracted so many tourists visiting Abuja for the first time.

Jammal's love for Nigeria

When BBC asked Said Jammal why he decided to build this “Aeroplane House” in Nigeria rather than anywhere else; without hesitation, he responded that Nigeria was his only home.


Said Jammal working on the miniature of his aeroplane house


Jammal has 6 children and revealed that he had given birth to all of them in Jos. When BBC was interviewing one of Said Jammal’s sons called Mohammed Jammal also popularly called “White Nigerian” – he revealed that he was just 12-years old when his father began building this “Aeroplane House”.

See a short BBC video about the “Aeroplane House” as posted on Instagram below;


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