Photos of Abu Dhabi old police cars (Range Rover & Porsche) displayed in public


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You will be amazed by these interesting photos showing the old police cars that once patrolled the streets of the oil-rich state Abu Dhabi. See them here!

The police force of the oil-rich state –  Abu Dhabi surprised everyone including us at Naijauto with some of their recently shared photos displaying two of their old police cars that used to be the best cars in their fleet many years ago.


A 1st generation Range Rover (Left) and the old Porsche 924 (Right) – displayed by Abu Dhabi police in Marina Mall

Just imagine a Porsche 924 and a 1st generation Range Rover still in their completely distinctive historical livery.

The display is being set up at the same space that used to be occupied by a 15,000 year old Woolly Mammoth skeleton in Marina Mall.

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Who would imagine that the oil-rich Abu Dhabi state once adored these old cars in its police fleet?

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Today, the Abu Dhabi police department is one of the few in the world to possess some incredibly fast and luxurious lineup of Ferraris, Toyota Land cruisers, and Nissan Patrols in its fleet as well as some exotic cars like the Lamborghini Aventador, Chevrolet Camaro, Nissan GT-R and the ₦1.2 billion Lykan Hypersport – most expensive car used by any state police worldwide.


This is the ₦1.2 billion Lykan Hypersport - the most expensive car in Abu Dhabi state police’s fleet

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