Abu Dhabi man acquires N4.2 billion car plate number


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How much Naira do you think a car plate can cost? If you are thinking hundreds of millions, please add one order of magnitude. We're talking billions!

You might not believe your eyes but it's 100% true. The man in below picture has paid over 9 million dollars or 4.23 billion Nairas for a car plate. Yes, a sole car plate.

While many people in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world could have bought a whole collection of cars, and maybe several garages to store it, this man used that amount of money for a single plate. Of course, this news has drawn the attention of the news outlets and people around the globe. Many show open hostility towards the man, saying that's a waste of money). Some even send emails bashing him for that decision. 

man holding the expensive car plate

We wish we could use words to describe his wealth...

This man named Balwinder Sahni and this is not the first time he has done it. He made a similar purchase in 2015, and in both occasions, the plate numbers are in single-digits, "5" and "9" respectively, for two of his Roll-Royces.

Normally you couldn't have this special type of plate through normal procedures but bidding only. When the plate is open for bidding in a government bid, he did not let it slip through his hands and fought really hard for it.

Balwinder Sahni and his $9 million car number plate

He did not let the plate slip through his hands and fought really hard for it

Amidst the criticisms from people in Dubai and around the world, Balwinder Sahni stands firmly on his ground. He comfortably expresses that this is only a small gesture from him to show respect for the city and all of its contribution, directly or indirectly, to his current success; and those other people shouldn't be the ones to tell him how to spend his money. What's more, the fact that the 9 million dollars would go into the government budget means the community will somehow benefit from it too. In our view, he has made a legitimate point.

Watch the process of bidding for this plate

If you still think 9 million dollars for a single plate is too much, we get it but don't judge so harshly and hastily until you know that a businessman from Dubai made a purchase of 14 million dollars, also for a single car plate, 5 million more than Balwinder's amount. Balwinder doesn't seem to be so crazy now, does he? 

The city's council made minimal comments on the news and agree with Balwinder's comment, that his act is merely a gesture of gratefulness. 

"I'm a man of honor, I always try to give back what I was gifted", he added.

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