Amazing transformation of an abandoned sedan into a monster off-roader


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Check out these photos that show how a Kenyan Mechanic literally transformed an abandoned Ford Escort MK1 sedan into a "monster" off-road masterpiece.

How easy is it to imagine that someone can single-handedly convert a sedan car into a fiery off-roader?

Despite how hard such a task can be; we recently found unbelievable photos and reports of a talented Kenyan artist who made such conversion look so easy.

Yes, he literally converted a very old and abandoned Ford Escort MK1 sedan car into a “monster” off-roader that looks ready to beat any rough terrain one can think of.


Talented Kenyan Artist showcases his creativity by transforming an old sedan car into a gorgeous off-roader

Some people believe that Africa is one continent blessed with amazing undiscovered talents and creativity, and truly such reports like this make it obvious that the belief is very true to its core.

“The Mech” is the official social media name of the Kenyan automobile mechanic who did the above transformation of an abandoned rickety sedan car into a “monster” off-road masterpiece. No one can see the “Before” and “After” makeover photos of the transformed vehicle without appreciating the impressive creativity of the Kenyan artist.


From an old rickety sedan car to an all-terrain off-road monster – this is the work of a Kenyan artist

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According to reports, the Kenyan artist narrated that the vintage Ford Escort MK1 sedan car was initially abandoned and was already losing shape before he got to pick it up and eventually transformed it into a beautiful masterpiece.

He reportedly upgraded the vehicle’s engine to a turbocharged diesel type and added the mounting unit of a Toyota Land Cruiser to the transformed car to give it a complete off-roader “feel”. The refurbished car also sits on the chassis of a Toyota Land cruiser which explains why the transformed vehicle looks sturdy.

If you would like to see a video showing a similar process of transforming a junk sedan car into an off-roader then, watch this short video below:

  Turning a junk car into an off-road toy in 4 hours

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