A Yoruba husband gifts his wife a brand new Toyota


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And the reason behind the expensive gift is so emotional.

Recently, a man from Yoruba, Omo Olope has presented his beautiful wife a brand new vehicle, a red Toyota model to thank her for bearing and caring for their lovely daughter.

The Yoruba husband and his wife and the brand new Toyota

Omo Olope gifted his wife a brand new Toyota

This guy shared his gift’s photo on the Instagram to show to the world how much he loves his wife and their six-month baby. In his post, he thanked his wife for taking care of their lovely girl and promised that he would do more for her.

The instagram photo of the story

Omo Olope shared his gift’s photo on the Instagram

What an emotional story of the Yoruba married couple!

That is an amazing way this husband did to show his love to his wife. What would you do to present your love to your wife? Let's share with Naijauto. 

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