A Uber rider shares a heart-warming experience with the female driver


Posted by: Hassana Obi

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The driver has a bright, beautiful smile!

A few days ago, an account on Twitter has posted pictures with an inspiring story by a woman named Demilade, who is currently working as an Uber driver in Nigeria.

Neku Atawodi-Edun (Twitter user’s name) also shared that Demilade utilized her time before picking up her 18-month old baby from the kindergarten. She hoped to earn more money, supporting for her family just like Nigerian men.

Twitter post on Nigerian female Uber driver

Neku’s post went viral on Nigerian social networks.

Two people had a good time exchanging information about kids. This must be one of the happiest moment of Neku while experiencing Uber services.

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Hassana Obi

Hassana Obi

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