Hongqi L5: A quick review of the most expensive car in China


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How about we take a quick look at the most expensive car in China - the Hongqi L5? How much does it cost and why is it expensive? Read our brief review here!

If you have been up-to-date with our posts here at Naijauto.com, you would have read some of our reviews on expensive cars from popular brands all over the world. But, for the first time, we are reviewing a Chinese brand car – the Hongqi L5 which is currently the most expensive car in China.

First, the word “Hongqi” means “red flag”, and secondly, it is the name of China’s oldest automaker who built this luxurious retro-styled car - Hongqi L5.

This luxury car is one among the Hongqi brand’s L-series and it is particularly dubbed as;

“the Rolls-Royce of China”

It’s really interesting to know that the Hongqi L9 parade was the one that first debuted in 2009 which it was then followed by the Hongqi L7 in the year 2012 and finally in 2013 the Hongqi L5 came out.

This Hongqi L5 (Chinese-only) car is just like the Toyota’s Century Limo and Rolls-Royce which are all aimed at superstars and billionaire businessmen who just wants to show off the vehicle as the pride of being “made in China”. This car is also Xi Jinping – Chinese president’s official state car.


Chinese President – Xi Jinping partaking in a ceremony with his Hongqi L5 state’s car

This Hongqi L5 comes in 3 different versions. There is one made for government members, one made for parades and another model made for the civilians. All of which comes with a 3.4 meters wheelbase, 1.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, and measure 5.5 meters in length.

When putting this measurement into perspective, we should mention that the Mercedes Benz Maybach S600 is 5.2 meters in length. And the non-armoured version of the Hongqi L5 weighs 3150 kilos in comparison to the 2390 kilos weight of the Mercedes Maybach S600.

Even though the Hongqi brand didn’t specify this car’s acceleration and top speed, we know it is powered by a 6.0L V12 engine that produces around 402hp. It comes with a 6-speed automatic gearbox that sends power to all of its 4 wheels. This Hongqi L5 can travel over 500 miles on its single 105 Liters fuel tank.

The car features China’s red-flag emblems and has a highly luminous light consisting of 16 LEDs which brings more safety in driving the car. It has a gun barrel-shaped type of headlight which houses a traditional halogen lamp while having the air vent just on the lampshade and they are directly linked to the internal air filters which are installed on both sides of the vehicle’s engine.


The gun barrel-shaped Hongqi L5 headlight

The Hongqi L5 interior is well crafted with cream white leather and rosewood panels that show a true work of art. The interior also features a 15.3 inches fully digital instrument panel that is centrally mounted while having an 8-inch touch screen lower display that controls the car’s infotainment as well as all other different functions in the car.  


The work of art inside the Hongqi L5

The inner rim of the Hongqi L5’s steering wheel is actually the horn while the obvious golden sunflower logo at the middle of the steering wheel symbolizes good luck and long life in the Chinese belief system.


Can you see the beautiful golden sunflower logo on the Hongqi L5’s steering wheel?

This vehicle’s rear compartment features a 6-disc CD changer, Bose sound system, rear-seat full entertainment system with TV, beige carpets, and a leg room of 1.1 meters.

When it comes to competing in the marketplace, the Hongqi L5 will surely compete with the Rolls-Royce Phantom and the Aurus Senat of Russia. Although, in reality, this ultra-rare and unique China-only Limo simply incomparable with any other vehicle. It is just unique.

And when it comes to price, this Hongqi L5 is just about the same as a Hypercar with its starting price of around £850,000 which is roughly ₦402 million.

Keep in mind, you can’t currently have one as it is just like the Japan-only Toyota’s Century Limo. It is exclusive to reputable natives only, sorry.

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