A lady discovered that 5 big boys contributed to buy just one Benz which they drive by turn


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Is this poverty or craziness? Can you imagine 5 Nigerian big boys contributed and bought one Benz car and they took turns to drive it? See full details here now

Just like a typical Nigerian elder will say “Wonders shall never end”. Naijauto.com is amazed just like you will soon be when you finish reading about what a Nigerian lady recently discovered. It is of no surprise why some of our young ladies “slay mamas” are easily getting fooled by some of these so-called “big boys” in town.

Okay, the full story goes thus; A pretty Naija babe with the twitter handle “@Adrienne_dd” dropped a typical social media bomb recently on her Twitter page. It was a shocking revelation as she claims to have made the astonishing discovery in her estate. This lady claimed in her Twitter post that she recently discovered that 5 big boys in her estate had contributed to buy one exotic Mercedes Benz car.

Her post got more interesting when she went further to tell her fans that these 5 big boys now take turns to drive the single Mercedes Benz car which one could simply say they were rationing the ride. Below is the screenshot of the post on her twitter page:


A Nigerian lady with the twitter handle “@Adrienne_dd” who discovered 5 big boys took turns to drive one Benz car

As you could have guessed already, this her single post drew a lot of attention and replies from other Twitter users and her followers as well. Below is a screenshot of some of the hilarious replies people gave to the post:

  • Coming from someone who borrowed the weave on her head. 
  • Team work make the dream work.
  • Correct, how I wish I had such friends,we would buy aircraft
  •  have u ever been to abraka? Have u been with a guy from delsu??Guys contribute money to buy every thing here! To rent house, to buy clothes or expensive shoe its contribution. Car is the regular one , even small Camry spider na 7 Guys dey buy one!
  • That’s sustainable action right here!! Many kudos to them
  • Shared flex but ok
  • At least they are contributing towards their success. MYB, it’s 2019
  • You were trekking  within the estate when you saw them. One girl in a neighborhood will buy a wig and all of you will take turn to borrow like d one on your head.

For your reference, this is how much a Mercedes can cost in Nigeria.

Our Take:

It would have been thrilling if she shared the timetable that these 5 guys had been using to ration their ride in the single Benz car, wouldn’t it?

Our advice for everyone reading this article is just two simple words – “Be Yourself”. You shouldn’t let anyone’s number of cars or type of Mercedes Benz intimidate you because you have none. It’s quite obvious that the 5 so-called “big boys” involved in this act were just too desperate to ride an exotic Mercedes Benz car even when they couldn’t afford one. This is why they could have been so intimidated to go to such extent as contributing together to buy one.

If you don’t have the money yet to buy a Benz and you want one, go and get a job!

And we can be sure that before they finished their contribution, each time they saw anyone drive-by in a luxurious Mercedes Benz, they would keep feeling intimidated throughout. And our one word for the Slay mamas is “Beware”. Not every big boy that rides a Benz actually owns one. Even mere going through some of the above hilarious replies, it is obvious that this type of act now seems common with the big boys and big girls in town.

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5 Nigerian Big Boys Making Our Youths Do Anything for Money

If you meet a big boy that puts on expensive wears and drive super-expensive cars, don’t just fall for it. He could have also contributed with probably 10 more guys like him to buy such car, or worse, an imitation of such car like this guy who drives a Porsche clone. Not all that glitters are gold, some could be simply painted with gold paint that can easily wear off with time 😊.

With all that said, we are still wondering how the twitter lady could have discovered the details of this charade and was even so concerned to have come to share the story on her personal handle. Could there be more to this story? How can we be sure that this twitter lady hasn’t had anything to do with the 5 big guys?

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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Oluwaseun Solomon

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