A couple in Range Rover Sport got attacked by carjackers right in front of their house


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There has been an increase in the number of carjacking happening in South Africa, between Johannesburg and Pretoria. This time, a couple in a white Range Rover Sport was the victims.

A married couple was reported to be attacked by a group of carjackers. Fortunately, they could eventually get away from the group.

This incident also occurred to another couple who drove a Porsche 911. An armed carjackers threatened the husband with a gun to force him to get out of his car. Luckily, the husband evaded the group and kept himself and his wife safe.

Sadly, such crimes are happening increasingly all over the world. As these armed groups usually target at high-end cars, those who own such vehicles should raise alert for the surroundings when driving through remote areas. In the case of the Range Rover owner, they even got attacked right in front of their house.

A woman opens the door of a white Range Rover Sport

The armed groups usually target at high-end and expensive cars

It was so lucky of the owner of the white Range Rover Sport because he could quickly notice the robbers attacking behind and had constant reaction by driving his car away rapidly.

Recalling the terrible incident, the wife said that when she was managing to pick up their dogs into the car, she recognized a vehicle suddenly racing towards them. She quickly got back into the car and her husband immediately drove away from the carjackers. It was such a hazardous and hearty situation. 

"The vehicle suddenly stopped and that's when the attacker jumped out of his car with a gun. I immediately jumped back into our vehicle and as I closed the door my husband was already prepared in reverse and simply put his foot flat down on the accelerator," she said.

A couple in Range Rover Sport got attacked by carjackers right in front of their house

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