9 intriguing stories about the history of the Bentley brand


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Do you consider yourself to be a dedicated fan of the god of speed? Let's see if you are familiar with these 9 fascinating facts about it.

Many of our readers deem themselves to be avid fans of the Bentley, but only a small number of them really are. Let's see if you belong to that notorious minority:

1. The date of establishment

This is an easy one. What is the year Bentley was founded? It's 1919, not by an auto expert but actually an engineer and constructor from Great Britain, Walter Owen Bentley. He set out with the vision to build the best car of its kind.


Those stories behind the god of speed are truly mesmerizing

2. The owner

Bentley was handed over to VW (Volkswagen Group), the one that also owns Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi and countless other famous luxury brands. 

3. The oldest flagship

Though being the first Bentley car ever made, the 1920 EXP 1 was not the one that worths mentioning. The second one, 1920 EXP 2, was the one that stole all the thunder by being the oldest surviving Bentley and also the first one to win on a race track.

4.  The SUVs

Falling behind pretty far from other brands, Bentley just jumps into the SUV section not very long ago, with its Bentley Bentayga and it was mass produced immediately. Its specs are, of course, as impressive as the reputation of the brand. With just over 70 million Naira, you can be able to control a W12 engine with 600hp of force and can reach 100km/h in just 4 seconds. 


A bit late into the SUVs game, Bentley still show that they are a formidable competitor

5. The first big order

The year 1994 marked a sizable order from the monarch of Brunei, which comprises 6 SUVs with different colors, priced at a total of 8.4 billion Nairas. Interestingly, the chassis that makes up the car actually belongs to a Range Rover. 

6. The symbol

Do you know that the ornament on the bonnet of the Bentley can be retracted back into the hood? This is intended to be an anti-theft feature of the ornament. The first one back in 1920 hasn't got this feature yet.


The newly developed retractable ornament significantly reduces cases of property thefts

7. The royal interest

The Queen liked the Bentley so much that she ordered 2 of this type, each priced at around 4.6 billion Nairas. They are, of course, armored for the safety of her majesty. 

8. The celebration

For the 100-year milestone, Bentley intended to create a commemorative symbol in their cars called Centenary Badges. The badges will be present in all of Bentley's 2019 models.

9. The time 

Bentley Mulsanne was the Bentley with longest production time, more than 4 hundred hours while a Continental GT only needs more than one hundred hours. That's probably why only 5 Mulsannes are built per day while up to 26 Continentals are out into the market daily.


Don't ask why it takes that long to build this!

The heart of the machine. the W12 engine only takes 13.5 hours to build from scratch to finish, while, surprisingly, 136 hours are needed to do the interior of the Mulsanne.

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