9 facts around the first Nigerian car manufacturer - Innoson


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When is the first Nigerian-made car made? Read the post below to answer yourself.

IVM, standing for Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company Limited, is the first indigenous automaker in Nigeria. Though its car brand may sound familiar with a lot of people, many may not know these 9 facts around this company.

  1. Innoson was founded in 2007 by Innocent Chukwuma.

  2. Chukwuma had the starting point as a trader of spare parts.

Chukwuma photo

Chukwuma – Founder of IVM

  1. IVM was the very first manufacturer to sell Nigerian-made motocycles at such a modest price of N60,000.

  2. Tokunbo motorbikes had been totally replaced by these Made-in-Nigeria brands by 2002.

  3. Innoson’s car components are 70% made in Nigeria, the remained 30% is imported from other countries.

Inside Innoson manufacturing plant

  1. Currently being operated manually, Innoson is planning to switch to automated manufacturing production.

  2. The major goal of Innoson is still driving Tokunbo vehicles out of African land.

  3. Nnewi plant was the place to produce first Innoson cars – IVM Umu.

  4. All Innoson products stay in line with 3-year guarantee on engine, gearbox and axles.

Innoson manufacturing plant

buses from Innoson company

inside Innoson manufacturing plant

More photos of Innoson company

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