Can you splash ₦81.3m on acquiring this Bowlus Road Chief “Wave Bespoke Edition trailer?


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Would you want to spend ₦81.3m to enjoy an off-grid adventure in this Bowlus Road Chief “Wave Bespoke Edition trailer.

If you have $225,000 (₦81.3m) to spare, you might as well give you and your loved ones an amazing first-class experience on the road in this Bowlus Road Chief, which is a creation of Hawley Bowlus, an aviation legend, in 1934.


The Bowlus Road Chief "Wave Bespoke Edition" is exactly what you need for absolutely exciting off-grid adventure 

The automaker earlier this year introduced the “Endless Highways” version at a salivating price of $185,000 (₦66.6m). Now, you can get a better and limited-run version “Wave Bespoke Edition” at the cost of $225,000 (₦81.3m).

With this price, you should be able to comfortably buy four Porsche Macans, which is used as a towing vehicle in the picture. The Wave Bespoke Edition, racing yacht-inspired, is made of solid 2024 aluminum grade used mostly on aircraft.

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What more could you ask for in this lushly designed interior with enough features to make your long off-grid trip memorable

On the inside, it is richly designed with birch, anodized and walnut trim, featuring organic seating fabric with a texture of matte that looks like Marina Del Rey Blue’s soft suede. Also, the seating surfaces offer Main Sail white contrast piping.

Its bedroom, which is for two people, offers headboards in Marina Del Rey Blue, copying the trademark curves for camper trailers. The bedroom also features a hundred percent flawless linen bedding in a combined color of Bastion blue and oyster.


Its two-person bedroom like other parts of the luxury trailer, is supplied with constant electrical power for extended 7-day remote outing

Other mouthwatering and unique features are Walnut tables complete table linen on yacht-quality Walnut and Holly flooring, Bowlus Road Chief spine created from Marina Del Rey Blue piping with aluminum, mounted Bowlus Road Chief branded journal and fine meteorological instrument.

There are tablets’ mounts in the living room and bedroom in case you want to spoil the retro theme.

VIdeo: Ultra-exclusive Road Chief Wave Trailer by Bowlus

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The electrical power system in the trailer is designed for off-grid adventures for a long term, hereby providing sufficient power that could be useful for an extension of 7-day remote outings. In case, you find that to be insufficient, you could also use the solar panel (optional), which gives you more than enough off-grid time.

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