[Video] ₦79.5 million Ferrari F458 Spider ruined after failed overtaking attempt


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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An Italian driver ruined his ₦79.5 million Ferrari F458 Spider in an overtaking attempt that flopped! It was captured on camera.

If you must overtake, you must do it well. Otherwise, there will be consequences. An Italian driver is licking his wounds after he tried to overtake a car in front on a wet road. Indeed, it was an epic fail.


A photo of the Ferrari while it spun around and crashed after a botched overtake

Captured in a video posted on Youtube, the driver of a red-colored Ferrari F458 Spider joins a busy motorway. Instead of zooming off, he slows down. The driver of a car behind presumes this to be a queue for him to drive ahead. He takes the opportunity and overtakes the sports car. He is the one recording the incident.

Suddenly, the driver of the Ferrari begins to accelerate and makes to overtake him. Something goes wrong, and he loses control of his vehicle. He drives into the guardrail beside the motorway, causing damage to himself and his car.

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The driver recording the event obviously did not see that coming. He is in shock about what just happened and makes some utterances in Italian.

Video: Ferrari 458 Spider spins and crashes while overtaking in Italy

What could have been responsible for the skidding? Perhaps it was the wet and slick road surface.

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