710 abandoned vehicles up for auction as Borno Governor gives a directive


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Governor Zulum of Borno state has reportedly given a directive to auction 710 obsolete vehicles and tractors seized by different govt agencies. Read more!

Car part dealers all over Nigeria might be looking at a big opportunity as Governor Zulum of Borno State reportedly gives a new directive for a special committed to auction 710 abandoned vehicles in the state. New press reports claim that the governor recently gave this directive after inspecting more than 700 obsolete cars that had being seize for a long time by various government agencies in the state.


Borno State Governor inspects over 700 abandoned vehicles in the state and gives a directive that they should be auctioned

According to reports, Governor Zulum commended the committee that is in charge of repairs, evacuation and auction of the abandoned vehicles. It is stated in the reports that the governor also threatened to dismiss any government official caught diverting these vehicles or funds generated from the auction of the vehicles to their personal account. This probably hints that car parts and scrap dealers could effectively take advantage of this opportunity without fear of being swindled.

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Meanwhile, press reports further stated that the chairman of the committee responsible for auctioning these grounded vehicles gave the record of items in their custody as follows;

  • 100 old Peugeot 504, 505, and 404 cars
  • 100 scrap vehicles with no engines
  • 75 buses of different categories
  • 45 pickup trucks (4WD)
  • 21 diesel-powered ambulances
  • 21 different trucks
  • 19 different SUV models
  • 15 luxury buses
  • 7 obsolete Land Rover models
  • 9 road construction (heavy-duty) machines
  • 16 fuel-powered generators (different capacities)
  • 5 transformers

This report from Borno state is coming few months after Governor Wike of Rivers State similarly ordered the auction of all vehicles seized during the COVID-19 lockdown. See the press report video below:


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