Nigerian lady mourns 7 close friends killed at once in an accident by a drunk yahoo boy


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The recklessness of Nigerian Yahoo boys is starting to get out of hand. Can you imagine that a drunk Yahoo boy killed 7 friends of this young lady at once? Check details below!

Normally, we would prefer just bringing you guys the latest automobile news only, but the human side of us can’t just keep shut on matters like the one we will be sharing in this article.

It was really sad news for us at as well as it had been for this young Nigerian lady who actually shared the story on social media.

A certain Nigerian lady that goes by the Facebook name Temitope Hammed recently shared a very painful and sad story of how she lost 7 of her female friends in an accident caused by a reckless, drunk yahoo boy.


This was the picture attached to Temitope Hammed’s sad story on Facebook

According to Temitope Hammed, her seven female friends were performing the usual ablution at a mosque in Abeokuta when the alleged drunk and reckless yahoo boy rammed all of them over in a Toyota Avensis car.

We have copied her full story word-for-word just as she had shared it on Facebook, read the full story below:

So hard to say Rip to u girls, I never knew d day u attend my sis wedding will b d last day we would see, I really love you and miss u (7 heart at a time) you only went to mosque to serve d almighty Allah for tahjud u were performing ablution to pray ,wen dis avensis car kill 7peopls at a time,one still in coma and notin happen to dis yahoo guys at olorunsogo central mosque Abeokuta .i never believed nt until wen I got to ur school and see thousand of people, still don’t believe wen Dey took us to were d accident happen nt until wen I got to Fmc idi aba abeokuta were I saw u girls dead, some in pieces. We called dis iku sheidih in Islam, may Allah grant u aljana fridauos and console we families dat dis happen to. Bt am sure insha Allah if those yahoo boys use u all for sacrifice, Dey will die in jail bcoz no single drop of blood where d accident happen. Bt Allah knows all. Rest in peace to u all.

If you really read her post, you will realize that she stressed on the fact that no legal action was taking against the so-called drunk yahoo boy till now. At least none that she was aware of.

When is all this lawlessness going to end in our country?

Nowadays, “Yahoo-Yahoo” has now become a profession that even the public aren’t caring anymore, rather people only talk when these Nigerian Yahoo boys go the money ritual lane. Could you imagine a young boy getting drunk to the extent of ramming over and killing 7 youths all at the same time in a public mosque for that matter and could be walking as a free man till now?

Temitope Hammed isn't the first person to experience this kind of shock as we have seen many reports in the past involving similar cases. Once these perpetrators properly bribe a Nigerian local police department with a huge amount of money, they will just kill the case and close the file. It baffles us how the very law enforcement agencies are the sole promoters of undiluted corruption.


Another drunk yahoo boy caused serious accident when returning from a night club

So, are we to keep waiting till the day another drunk yahoo boy will manage to ram over one or two close relatives of any powerful Nigerian dignitary, politician, or celebrity before proper action will be taken?

There are lots of questions that remain unanswered from the painful story that Temitope Hammed had shared, we pray that God helps the affected families to bear the loss. And we do hope that the alleged yahoo boy still gets to be brought to justice.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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