7 cool facts about the N2billion Bugatti Divo premiered today


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In Europe, the Bugatti Divo’s price including taxes is €5m (~N2billion).

You may have been familiar with the name Bugatti Chiron but I’m pretty sure you’re new to Bugatti Divo, right? However, the two has a close-knit connection.

Bugatti has announced its plan to reveal a limited edition of the current Bugatti Chiron at this year’s Pebble Beach Concours.

angular front of the Bugatti Divo

side of the Bugatti Divo

Before the model becomes a hot potato that every talk will be spinning around,

let’s check out 7 cool facts about the Bugatti Divo below:

  1. The pristine goal of the car brand is to cut off weight of the Bugatti Chiron.With its lighter weight, the car looks swifter while the downforce also improves. As a result, the driver has a better handling over the car.
  2. Significant redesigns applied leads to improved driving dynamics.
  3. The name Bugatti Dive takes its roots from Albert Divo, the two-time winner of the Targa Florio Mountain race in a Bugatti.
  4. Divo is a reminiscence of Bugatti’s coachbuilding tradition.
  5. There will be only 40 Bugatti divos to be released.
  6. In Europe, the Bugatti Divo’s price including taxes is €5m (~N2b).
  7. Bugatti planned to reveal the Divo today, 24 August in California, USA where the Quail- Amotorsports Gathering is taking place.

Picture of Albert Divo behind the wheel of a Bugatti

Video: Bugatti Divo (2019) Taillight

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angular front of the Bugatti Divo being displayed

angular rear of the Bugatti Divo

interior of the Bugatti Divo

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