Top 7 best-selling sedan & hatchback cars in 2019 (updated in July)


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Toyota sedans, Corolla and Camry are topping the chart and this is not surprising in any way. Discover full list of best-selling sedans and hatchbacks in 2019, based on purchased units.

Sedans and hatchbacks are just the coolest compact cars to ride around, but the competition is quite fierce. Every sedan has it's unique style, trim, specification - the numbers written below will determine which sedan or hatchback has topped the highest-purchased list.

7. Ford Fusion (41,683 units sold)

Although the Ford Fusion has dropped in sales by 3.5%, compared to 2018, the mid-size sedan is still selling at decent rates. Recently, Ford canceled a few passenger-car models but it looks like the Fusion would be around a little longer, as it is still been produced.

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Compared to 2018, the Ford Fusion has dropped in sales by 3.5%

6. Nissan Altima (51,480 units sold)

So far, in 2019, the Nissan Altima has witnessed a downturn in price by 18.8%. Before now, the mid-size sedan was a direct competitor with the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in the sales race. There’s a new Altima model with improved designs and specifications - it still doesn’t catch up with the Camry and Accord.

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Nissan Altima has witnessed a downturn in price by 18.8% in 2019

5. Nissan Sentra (56,793 units sold)

Unlike a few other best-selling Sedans, the Sentra hasn't been a competitive compact car for a while. Generally, Nissan needs to upgrade the Sentra in terms of style, features, and powertrains. Despite the reduction in sales by 5.3%, compared to last year, Nissan is still selling more of the Sentra than any other passenger car in its lineup.

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The downturn in sales by 5.3% did not completely relegate the Sentra

4. Honda Accord (64,411 units sold)

Last year wasn’t exactly one of the most profitable for the Honda Accord, sales were quite disappointing, given that it was coming off a big, successful redesign. However, 2019 seems to be a much better year, as Accord sales have risen by 4.6% so far.

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So far, Honda Accord sales have risen by 4.6% in 2019

3. Honda Civic (78,185 units sold)

The mid-size Honda Accord used to surpass its compact Civic in terms of sales, but the Civic has been pulling more market weight lately and topping the chart. This change is probably because the Civic offers several body styles and high-performance models. Let’s not forget that Honda doesn't separate sales numbers amongst the different sedan, coupe, hatchback, Si, and Type R versions. Despite the upgrade, Civic sales are still down by 4.8%, as compared to last year.

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Civic sales are down by 4.8% compared to 2018

2. Toyota Corolla (78,606 units sold)

No doubt, the newest Toyota Corolla deserves all the love it can get with the all-new sophisticated style and improved dynamics. Currently, the redesigned hatchback and sedan models are on sale, and the sales have increased by 1.0% from last year – the figures should be tripled before the end of 2019.

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The sales of Toyota Corolla have increased by a meager 1.0% from last year

1. Toyota Camry (81,684 units sold)

Even though its numbers in sales are down by 10.0%, the Toyota Camry still remains the best-selling mid-size sedan. Currently, it ranks as the best-selling passenger car in the United States.

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The numbers in sales are down by 10.0% compared to 2018, it is still remains king!

Let’s see what the rest of the year holds, the numbers will definitely be shaken up before 2020.

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