See these photos showing moment when a ₦650.9 million roofless McLaren Elva sports car was caught in heavy rain


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What does it feel like to be caught in heavy rain in a ₦650.9million sports car that has no roof or windows? These photos here give you a glimpse!

Many car lovers usually fantasize about driving a luxury Cabriolet/Convertible sports car because even if they get caught in the rain, the roof of such cars can easily be folded up as a shield. However, there is a newer concept of luxury sports cars that comes with no roof or windows at all. A typical example is the McLaren Elva which comes at a whopping ₦650.9 million starting price but can get you wet if you are ever caught in a sudden downpour.


Roofless McLaren Elva sports car worth ₦650.9million gets caught up in heavy rain

Photo Credit: Syouken Photography (Instagram)

Recently, the British automaker unveiled the ₦824.6million purple McLaren Speedtail but it came with a roof, and glass windows, unlike this new McLaren Elva that has none of that even though it's slightly cheaper. This new McLaren Elva might have great potentials for becoming a new vibe of sports cars trend but it will first have to overcome some of its peril like “sudden” heavy rain among others.


How would you feel being caught in heavy rain while driving a roofless sports car that worth ₦650.9million?

Photo Credit: Syouken Photography (Instagram)

A certain Tokyo-based photographer with the Instagram handle “Syouken Photography” shared all the images featured in this article which captures the moment when a beautiful McLaren Elva was caught in a heavy downpour. These photos were captured in Tokyo during one of those rainy days. The poster, however, claims that this blue Elva seen in the photos is just a “show car” made of pure wood with no mechanical parts that could be destroyed by water from the rain.

Check out this short video below that gives a first look at this new McLaren Elva roofless sports car;

FIRST LOOK: McLaren Elva | Top Gear

We do hope a brilliant idea will be thought up soon to combat the perils of such an expensive roofless sports car like this McLaren Elva in the rain.

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