6-year-old boy captured driving car on high speed without seatbelt (video)


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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A 6-year-old is cruising a car at a ridiculously high speed. He keeps accelerating onto higher speeds like an action movie. See what happened next!

Online users are debating whether a video of a 6-year-old boy driving a Volkswagen Golf at over 155mph is real or not.


The little boy is let driving the car, even without a seatbelt

The video shows a middle-aged man seated beside the youngster in the front seat. He continuously spurs the boy to increase the speed even as the car drives through potholes. He further tells the boy to engage the vehicle’s Launch Control – a feature that engages the car in sports mode, firing up the speed so high.


With his height, the boy could hardly see the road ahead

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As if the speed the boy is moving at is not good enough, the man keeps urging him to raise up the bar, making comments like “give her some.”

We get to know the boy’s age when a man asks him how old he is, and he responds, saying 6.

At the time of filing this report, the identity of the boy and those who filmed the video was unknown. No one could tell the motive behind getting a 6-year-old behind the steering, and pressuring him to accelerate so high.

You'll be amazed at how fast the Golf car is moving

One cannot help but shoulder at the thought of things going wrong in the process of the stunt they were trying to prove.

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