Govt reveals traffic diversion plan for 3rd Mainland bridge users for next 6 months


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The government has recently released a new traffic management plan to be followed during the upcoming 6-month maintenance of the 3rd Mainland bridge.

The Federal government in conjunction with Lagos state government have now announced the traffic management plan that will be implemented during the upcoming partial closure of the 3rd Mainland bridge for a 6 months maintenance process.

This new plan contains the details of how the government plans to coordinate traffic diversions for Lagos motorists during the closure of the bridge for the next 6 months.


FG and LASG reveals new traffic diversion plans to be followed Lagos motorists during maintenance of the 3rd mainland bridge

According to Mr. Olukayode Popoola – the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos state; the repairs of the Third Mainland bridge will be done in two different phases with each phase lasting 3 months. He mentioned that the carriageway of the bridge bounded by the Oworonshoki area of Lagos state will be first to be shut down for rehabilitation.

During this first 3-month period, Mr. Popoola explained that motorists will be diverted to make use of the bridge’s Island-bound lane alternatively. Below is a quick highlight of how the traffic diversion is expected to play out during this first phase;

  • Between 12:00 am to 1:00 pm – motorists coming from Oworonshoki to Island will be allowed to use the Island-bound carriageway of the bridge.
  • Between 1:00 pm to 12:00 am – traffic will be allowed on the Island-bound carriageway for motorists coming from the Island to Oworonshoki.

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This plan is expected to be followed all through the 3-month duration of the first phase while a direct reverse of the plan will be applied when repairs begin on the Oworonshoki lane as well. Mr. Popoola in his public statement also advised Lagos motorists to use alternative routes in reaching the Adekunle ramp which is inward Oworonshoki by joining from Carter Bridge through the Iddo path, through Oyingbo.

Check out Lagos TV’s press video below confirming this report as FG and LASG seek the cooperation of Lagos motorists:

Video: 3rd Mainland Bridge Repair: FG and LASG Seek Road Users Cooperation

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