6 hot YouTube channels for Nigerian car enthusiasts to keep COVID-19 boredom at bay!


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Who says you have to be bored because of the lockdown? You can binge-watch several videos on these auto youtube channels.

In the past few weeks, Nigeria like most other nations of the world has had cause to effect a stay-at-home directive for her citizens in order to stem the tide of the coronavirus outbreak. In fact, some states in the country are currently experiencing a lockdown, totally barring movement of people except for those on essential duties or offering essential services. These include health workers, security operatives, top government officials with permits and a limited other few.

Regardless of what you call it in your area: Quarantine, Self Isolation, Lockdown, Work from home, Stay at home, it all invariably means the same thing: you are now a character in the blockbuster series: Prison Break, unless you can forget about the "break" part. At least till the government releases everybody into the streets again. And for those that have dared venture out and got caught by soldiers, well, we all have seen the videos of the dancing pallbearers.

With nowhere to go, people are bored sick. And in the past weeks, you must have tried everything! From thriller videos and 'tik tok' to "Anonymous messaging," House Party, Zoom Sessions, nearly everything.

Well, this is where we jump into the scene with our capes flying to save the day! To save you from the villain, boredom, while also keeping you informed about your favorite subject, automobiles, we have decided to bring to you some YouTube auto channels and why we think you should get hooked on them.

Best auto channels on Youtube for Nigerians during lockdown!

These YouTube channels would introduce you into the world of automobiles and you're going to love them to bits!

1. Evo

With about 614 thousand subscribers, Evo is no doubt a top gun among auto channels on YouTube and it is not hard to see why. The channel was created to complement the Evo magazine launched in 1998, and which has since then enjoyed wide followership.

If you love exotic or luxury automobiles, then Evo is for you. With more than 800 videos, the channel offers expert performance reviews of your favorite sports cars and other luxury automobiles. The cars are tested to the limit and you are sure to be hooked on each video. Evo uses very high-end cameras, records the action at impressive angles and edits each video to taste just to give you an amazing experience on each video.


Car enthusiasts won't forget

2. Carfection

Carfection has to be the car enthusiast's dream channel. The channel has about 811 thousand subscribers with about a thousand videos available for your viewing pleasure! You're likely to find just about any car brand on the channel. From Dodge to Lamborghini to Porsche to Bugatti to Lexus to Ferrari, even Volkswagen, just name it!


Carfection is a channel worth all your time and data!

Carfection has very rich content on supercars with anchors who have very deep knowledge of automobiles. You might want to top up your data subscription before visiting the channel. You simply would love it too much, I guarantee!

3. Youcar

Next on our list is Youcar, a monster when it comes to auto channels on YouTube. Youcar has close to 1.9 million subscribers with over 5300 videos currently available on the channel! You might want to catch your breath for a moment with that. Youcar clearly is not wearing kid gloves.

The channel offers detailed reviews of automobiles, taking into account their specifications, designs, and technologies. It has since it's creation in January 2010 grown to be a reliable channel for content on automobiles.

Asides reviews, you can access news on cars on the channel, watch crash tests of different vehicles, catch up on test drives, and many more.

4. Supercar Blondie

One of my favorites, In a predominantly boys' world, Alex Hirschi, the Supercar Blondie is doing an amazing job. Her channel was regarded as the fastest-growing auto channel in 2018 and doesn't seem like she's losing her edge any time soon. The channel has about 3.34 million subscribers with 195 videos available.

What makes the Supercar Blondie channel special is her interesting personality. Being a former radio show presenter, Alex keeps you glued to your device till the end of every video.

Supercarblondie and the most beautiful car in the world

Her knowledge of cars is glaring in each of the videos and you can be sure to learn a lot from her. You also enjoy a seeming firsthand experience of luxury cars on the channel. Her channel is famous for futuristic cars and limited edition automobiles that you probably do not know exist.

5. Carwow

The next auto channel you can check out on YouTube is Carwow, created in January 2014. The channel has about 3.72 million subscribers with more than one thousand videos on the channel.


Carwow will show you the best things in the world of cars

Carwow takes car reviews to the next level in a very fun manner. The channel reviews both luxury vehicles as well as everyday automobiles. What distinguishes Carwow from other auto channels is the wide range of cars available. The channel offers head to head comparisons of two or more cars (sometimes as much as six), drag races and sometimes tugs of war between vehicles, especially pick up trucks and SUVs.

6. Top Gear

Undoubtedly one of the most successful auto channels on YouTube, Top Gear has about 7.12 million subscribers with well over one thousand videos available on the channel! The channel goes as far back as March 2006 and has developed premium content over the years.

Interestingly, Top Gear is a commercial channel from BBC Studios and has all the professionalism and sophistication expected of a BBC affiliate.


Topgear is premium content at your fingertips!

The channel updates its content quite regularly and has a number of resource persons and anchors making the content on the channel diverse and interesting.

Apart from the channels above, you can also consider visiting Salamondrin; The Auto Channel; NeoAuto; Future Lab; All Cars, among others.

In conclusion, with much uncertainty existing as to when the coronavirus pandemic would be nipped in the bud and the lockdown brought to an end, these auto channels would keep you busy. It's very unlikely you would exhaust the content before normalcy is restored. Hopefully, that is soon. Till then, stay safe and enjoy these recommended channels!

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