55, 454 vehicles failed computerized inspection test in Abuja, says DRTS


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55, 454 vehicles failed the inspection test conducted on them, out of the 103,919 vehicles that were inspected in Abuja last year.

About 55,545 vehicles have failed the computerized inspection test carried out on them by the Federal Capital Territory Directorate of Road Traffic Services (DRTS).


55,545 vehicles failed inspection tests by the Directorate of Road Traffic Services in Abuja

The acting secretary of FCTA Transport Secretariat, Mrs. Alice Odey Ochu, disclosed this at the annual press briefing organized by the secretariat on Monday.

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She stated that out of the 103,919 vehicles inspected last year in Abuja, 44,274 vehicles passed the computerized inspection test, representing 46.45% while the vehicles that failed the test made up 53.55%.

The acting secretary revealed that the reason a greater percentage of the vehicles failed the test was due to the computerized process, poor vehicle maintenance culture and bad road networks.

She said,

Most imported fairly used vehicles have one defect or more that are detected during the computerised inspections which ordinarily cannot be detected during physical inspection. These defects include steering alignments, defective suspension, defective lighting system among others.

Poor vehicle maintenance culture of most drivers and bad roads network in the suburbs also contributed to some vehicle components becoming defective


Most imported fairly used vehicles having one defect or more are detected during the computerized inspections

Mrs.Ochu also stated that the transport secretariat was able to realize ₦3,417,240,921.67 as revenue in 2019. And Naijauto gathered it was generated from licensing of vehicles, fines from traffic offenses, trade licensing, hackney permit and others.

She added that 16,361 vehicles were seized over faulty lighting and signals, worn-out tires, traffic light violation. Also, 1,721 Okada and 472 Keke Marwa were impounded for the violation of the ban on commercial tricycles and motorcycle riders on some routes, with emphasis on the city.

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