50 Cent introduced Tesla Bike, trolling Elon Musk’s Cybertruck


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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50 Cent is known for throwing shades. This time, he comes for Elon Musk's Cybertruck with his non-existent Tesla Bike 50 Cent Edition. See what he said!

American rapper 50 Cent may no longer have a thriving rapping career, but he manages to still be in the news. Not just for his acting as lead Actor in the “Power” TV series, but also for his online trolling. Every now and then, the “In Da Club” crooner takes a jab at someone. This time, he went for Elon Musk and his Cybertruck.


The Tesla Cybertruck has a unique body shape

Following the unveiling of the Cybertruck which Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, had earlier described as one-of-a-kind, everyone could not stop talking about it. Indeed, it was nothing like the vehicles people were used to. It could easily pass for a vehicle from a sci-fi movie. But it was a lot more than that. It was real, and available to those who could afford it.

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The Tesla Bike of 50 Cent looks like a metallic rectangle

In no time, Tesla started receiving orders for the truck. Instead of placing his own order, 50 Cent decided to announce his own bike edition tagged “Tesla Bike 50 Cent Edition.” The announcement was posted on Instagram along with a video of a man riding a bike rectangular in shape. It turned out that there was no such thing in the offing, the rapper was only trolling Elon Musk and his Cybertruck.


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Tesla has also unveiled two additional products that have caught the fancy of Artistes. One of them is the Tesla 4-wheeler which rapper Meek Mill expressed interest in.

Well, one man’s meat is another’s poising. If Tesla’s vehicles are not good enough for 50 Cent, they are good enough for other people.

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