50 Cent drives gold Bentley Mulsanne back to hometown where he was shot 9 times in 2000


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Looks like getting shot at Queens in New York City isn't holding 50 Cent back as he visits his old hood in grand style, driving his gold Bentley Mulsanne. Read on!

Curtis James Jackson III is an American rapper with the stage name “50 Cent” has a strong reputation for involving in lot of businesses. That's why the news 50 Cent driving a gold Bentley Mulsanne around shouldn't shock you that much.

Ever since he became famous as one of the most sought after rapper in the music industry, he has become a serial entrepreneur. Even though he was initially known for his songwriting and rapping, he is also into acting, film producing, investing among several others.


Looks like 50 Cent loves flaunting his gold Bentley Mulsanne

50 Cent is also known to be a lover of cars and such is obvious in his car collection which includes Pontiac G8, Bentley, Lamborghini Murcielago and several others. Just last month, he bought a gold Bentley Mulsanne, which was already reported in our previous post 50 Cent flexes with crazy GOLD Bentley Mulsanne. You can check it back for more information around the luxury car!

He has also grown a very strong reputation with his appearance in “Power”, one of most watched TV series in the US. He recently paid a visit to his old neighbourhood in South Jamaica (Queens), New York City.

Insane 50 Cent Crazy Gold Ride

He didn’t just go there alone but in style by driving his gold Bentley Mulsanne down to his former hood.

In case you didn’t know, he was shot nine times in this same hood by gunmen right outside the former home of his grandmother on May 24, 2000.

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