5-year-old boy gifted ₦13 million Mercedes-Benz C180 for performing 4105 straight push-ups


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Can you perform 4,105 push-ups in 2 hours? See the 5-year-old boy from Russia who got a Mercedes-Benz C180 for doing it non-stop!

To the local media in his country, Russia, he is fondly called 'Chechen Schwarzenegger'.

4105 push-ups earned him a Mercedes C108 worth 13 million

4105 push-ups earned him a Mercedes C108 worth 13 million

Rahim Kurayev is a five-year-old kindergarten boy from Chechnya, Russia. He was surprised with a white Mercedes-Benz C180 model after performing 4,105 press-ups with a time frame of 2 hours 25 minutes.

He received the $36,000 (worth 13 million Nigerian Nairas) Mercedes as a gift from Ramzan Kadyrov, a political leader in Chechnya, who has a close relationship with Vladimir Putin. It was published on his Instagram with an video of himself receiving a car key from the leader. This resulted from his story with Ramzan Kadyrov that the 5-year-old dared to tell Ramzan he was going to conquer the mark of 5,000 push-ups and went on to demonstrate it.

Though only stop at the 4,105th. Rahim Kurayev deserves praises and earns Ramzan's respect as well. The Russian leader didn't feel reluctant to give him a worthy prize, a Mercedes-Benz C180.

Rahim and his gifted Mercedes C108

Rahim standing beside his gifted Mercedes C108

On the flip side, the 5-year-old couldn't be listed in Russia book of records, as the officials were not satisfied with the quality of the video recorded showing Rahim when he was doing the push-ups. He would have to try it again next time, no big deal to him, though.
At least, he is now a celebrity in his locality. Oh wait, international star as well.

Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader who gifted the Mercedes to Rahim

Ramzan Kadyrov, a Russian political leader gifted Rahim Kurayev for doing 4,105 push-ups in a row

Now, how many bodybuilding trainers and men can come close to performing this at a go?
Rahim sure deserves his new gift.
Looking at his small built body, we do hope he doesn't end up to become a ninja fighter at school.

Don't envy the young boy, go and do your own 4105 push-ups
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