5 ways you can make easy money with your vehicle


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If you don't want the money you put in your car to evaporate after 20 years of use, try one of those methods to really turn it into an asset. Read details inside!

Every car has its own depreciation rate, but in general, they would lose 80% of its value after 20 years of use. So while yours is still operable, better make some money out of it by one of these following methods:

1. Picking up children

A car is a better vehicle to pick up kids, compared to motorbikes, because then they don't have to worry about the rain or sunlight. If you have shown that you are a good and trustworthy person, try offering this service for the families in your neighborhoods. Most of them refrain from doing this task so it's up to you if you want to jump in this business or not.


Get your neighbors a helping hand and profit from it at the same time

2. Take part in car-sharing service

With the raises of car-sharing apps like Uber or Taxify, it's easier than ever to be a part-time taxi driver. This job has very flexible hours and you can work whenever you want, as long as you meet a certian requirement and a minimum threshold each month. You can also get a bonus if you work really hard.


Uber drivers have desirable working hours

Before applying for Uber, let's check their requirements and accepted cars here.

And if you are not familiar with those apps, you can always apply for a traditional taxi job at a brick-and-mortar taxi company.

3. Delivering and transportation services

You can carry many things with your car such as foods and equipment. Places like restaurants or music audios need tons of things carried from place to place and your car might be the perfect instrument for that. 

Also, you can look for companies that hire drivers who can drive employers from their homes to work and back. It pays okay and you only have to work on 2 time frames, when they go to work and when they get back home.


Delivering food is a plausible option for car drivers

Also, many people want to travel to the, say, suburb but don't want to take public means, you can always offer the chauffer service. You know, take them there, rest in your car for some hours and drive them back, it's as easy as that.

4. Renting service

If you don't want to drive but still want to make money, there's this category for you. You can rent out your car to group of young people who want to drive away from the city without the presence of a stranger. If you choose this kind, remember to install proper device to keep track of your car, such as a GPS tracker and demand them keep it on during the whole trip and get their identity too. 


Renting it out and collect the passive income 

Another more assured way is to rent it out to renting company, they will manage the car for you and transfer the money back every week or month for you. If you vehicle looks decent, it could even be hired to chauffer in a wedding.

5. The mobile marketing device

When you see cars with big posters driving around the block, the owners were actually paid to do that. The general rule is, tha farther you go the more money you get. You can earn even more if you have a big car since it would attract more attention.


The bigger your car is, the more money it would generate

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