5 easy ways of saving money on transportation in Nigeria


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Going to work daily in Lagos and other cities in Nigeria could be financially challenging. Check out the five easy ways of saving money on transportation.

If you are a resident of Lagos and your earning is relatively low, there is high possibility that you spend up to half of your monthly earning on transportation. This could be worse depending on the distance from your house to place of work. If you are not among the smart Lagosians, you might even land yourself in more debt just because you need to survive. We understand that survival might sometimes be instinctual but that doesn’t away the importance of information. Here on Naijauto, we have identified 5 ways to survive the high price of transportation in some major parts of the country that could eat up your entire monthly comes.

1. Learn to set out earlier

Except you are a newbie in one of the major cities in Nigeria especially in Lagos, that you will still be sleeping at 6am or 7am.

There is a popular saying that while people in other places especially in the villages, are being woken up by the crows of the cock, in Lagos, people are already out of their house before the cock wakes up. This literally means in Lagos, people set out early not only because they are trying to avoid traffic, they are also trying to cut down the possible price of bus fare.


You don't want to find yourself in this rush hour traffic

The earlier, the better you leave house. You will be able to see cheap fare if you wake up around 4am and set out before 6am in Lagos.  You definitely do not want to leave home from mainland part of Lagos to Island during the rush hour.

2. Always use BRT buses

These are buses that are commonly used in Lagos. Though there are several other similar buses in other states in the countries, but they come with different names. BRT in Lagos has already become a household name as a result of its numbers on the street and the fact that these buses have their own separate lanes in many parts of the state.

Unlike taking taxis, this government-owned buses are very cheap and will save you a lot at the end of the month. You do not need to worry much about the state of the bus because they are always kept in good condition. By using this bus, you will save your money and time.

5 Facts About The New BRT Buses In Lagos

3. Find a companion to use chartered taxi

Uber and other private taxi services are very much used in Lagos especially if you don’t want to struggle for buses or probably you love comfort. Well, not totally a bad idea except it is eating up chunk of your monthly salary. You can find people especially your colleagues at work who can share the fare with you. That will save you a lot and still enjoy your ride to work every day.


Sharing private taxi fare with friends will save you from spending too much on transportation

4. Tag along with colleagues or friends

I trust my Nigerian people! Once they know your route is similar to theirs, well, you should expect to fill up your car every morning. One of the most effective ways to save money on transportation in Nigeria is finding someone who has a personal car and passes through your route. You might even be lucky to discover your colleague at the same place of work lives in your area.

5. Taking alternative big bus

Missing out in BRT shouldn’t worry you much. There is another popular bus in Lagos known as Molue. This is another bus that can help you cut down your fare but you have to know how to struggle. People are fond of rushing inside this bus. If you are travelling inter city or inter state, you can board a bus of the most popular transport companies. They offer good services. 


In case you miss your regular bus, Molue bus is another affordable alternative for you

Shine your eyes well when you are entering buses in Lagos. Always guard your valuables and be wary of people behind you. Also, avoid forming a habit of entering unknown people’s car in the bid of cutting down your transportation expenses. It is risky!

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Oluwaseun Adeniji
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