5 automotive innovations that will change the face of the auto industry


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Dig in to see how could those automotive innovations change the way an entire industry operates.

If there is anything permanent in the planet earth, it's Change. Changing is a daunting process that every living being have to do if they don't want to be on the wrong side of history. This holds true to the auto industry. In fact, it's amongst the industries with the most innovations, just behind Information Technology. Some of it are game changers and some of them even disrupt the whole auto business, hacking into the game and even force the whole market to operate in a brand new set of rules. We've done our homework and bring to you 5 most major innovations that literally sway the axis at the core of the auto industry. Read on to see the magnitude of those automotive innovations to the auto industry and the world.

1. Car-sharing 

This is a brilliant business idea. As the world is getting busier and busier, most of our efforts are being put into work and our families. Now if we purchase a car, the burden of regular maintenance and taking it to the auto service is certainly not pleasant. At the same time, we still need something that can carry us and our family, maybe it's weekend trips to the suburb or somewhere far from the city. 

someone handding over a car key to someone else

You can pay a small amount of money to own a car for a period of time

From there, a solution emerged. A brilliant man realized the potential of exploiting this issue and the first rental business was born. With this business, you can rent a car for a couple of hours to days, depending on how long your trip will be. The customers only have to pay a small fee to take charge of the car for a period of time and return it back afterward, without the burden of taking care of the car, regularly. The responsibility falls on the real owners of the car, which is companies and/or renting agency.

2. Real-time ride-sharing

In recent years, one of the most innovative rental business was born. This business owns no cars and has virtually no representative office, but their profits are close to billions. They are car-sharing apps like Uber, Grab etc. which their role is only to connect passengers and drivers. An unbelievably simple solution, yet it yields truckloads of money for the CEO and CFO of those companies.

3 phones opening ride-sharing apps

The ride-sharing innovation quickly turned into a billion dollars industry

In details, this app provides you the ability to connect to a large network of drivers, and whichever is available or is close to you will accept the request and come to pick you up. Easy and simple. It can do this thanks to the development of the following technology: the GPS system to locate the drivers and passengers, which is prevalent in 99,99 percent of Nigeria cars, the Smartphones we use to make the call and the Network of drivers and rating system for both drivers and customers to build up their credibility, so that they'd get picked up or called more frequently. 

3. Autonomous cars

The name speaks for itself, it can be able to drive without a human driver. It can do what it does thanks to two systems (actually 1 system controls the other, but still, we separate them for the sake of explanation). The first one is the camera and sensors around the car. These things will sense the environment around, measure everything, including the speed of other vehicles, their relative distance, the angle of the car toward the sideways etc, everything of the surroundings that might affect the movement of the car. Despite recent safety scandals, autonomous cars can is an inevitable trend in the automotive industry.

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two men discussing in an autonomous car

A scene like this would actually be seen on the roads of Nigeria in the upcoming 10 years

The second system, which can be called a second heart of the car, aside from the engine. This is the Artificial Intelligence system. This does not only control all the sensors and cameras around the car but also control the movement of the car, how to avoid crashing into people, what distance is safe to brake. What's more, using a technique called machine learning, the system actually gets smarter over time as it will learn from its experience every time it's on the road. This technique is expected to be fully developed somewhere between now and 2025. 

4. Electric vehicles

This is a type of car that runs entirely on electricity. Unlike batteries in other types of cars, which are only responsible for some minor mechanism, the battery on the electric car power the whole thing. This battery is, obviously, rechargeable. The market for electric cars accordingly sections the electric segment by the size of the battery, the maximum travel distance and the price of the car. In 2008, the company of the Tesla roadster invented a new way or recharging. At the recharging location, a fully charged battery will lie ready there waiting to be exchanged for a drained one. By doing that, there will be a minimal amount of time waiting at the charging location for everyone.

a tesla car on the road

The most mentioned electric car in recent years, the notorious Tesla

The birth of this type of car was in the 19th century, but not until recently when many climate scientists and speakers have raised awareness about climate change, the electric car industry became hotter. It was given a power boost. What's more, more and more nations have introduced new laws and tax codes into the system in the hope that they will encourage the use of those vehicles. 

Today in the electric car market, the Tesla S is the best electric car according to car enthusiasts, with more than 200 thousand units sold around the globe until the end of 2017. But it wasn't the car that's sold with the greatest number. Top the list is the Nissan Leaf with more than 300 thousand cars sold worldwide within the same time frames. The Nissan's have a maximum travel distance of 243 kilometers and the Tesla's double that at 540 kilometers. With electric cars becoming increasingly cheaper, we will soon see more of them down the road, despite the current unpopularity with Nigerian auto buyers.

5. Hybrid cars

This type of car could use more than one source of energy to operate, oftentimes two. Generally speaking, the most common type on the road right now is gas-electric. The reason for the weird combination is that each energy source has its own pros and so the system inside will adjust automatically when to use which so that it gets most miles per liter of fuel.

a Huyndai hybrid car

Hybrid vehicles will switch back and forth between sources of energy to optimize the performance

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