Bentley adds 4-seat option to the Flying Spur sedan to offer more luxury


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Despite a huge variety of existing luxury options, Bentley has just announced a new addition of 4-seat configuration to its popular Flying Spur sedan model.

There is a popular school of thought that claims “less is more”, but when it comes to factory options being offered by Bentley for its popular Flying Spur sedan model; the complete opposite is the case.

Despite a huge variety of existing options, the British luxury carmaker – Bentley has just announced a new addition of four-seat configuration for the Flying spur mode. A stack of luxury upon luxury options, isn’t it?


Bentley now offers an additional 4-seat configuration for customers looking to buy the Flying Spur sedan

A recent report claims that Bentley already offers a virtually “infinite” number of stock options for clientele looking to buy the Flying Spur and yet it is adding an additional 4-seat configuration to the bunch.

That's is quite a fantastic way of proving that the brand is still very much determined to deliver top-notch luxury to its affluent customers worldwide. However, on another note, we have to mention that Bentley is not the first luxury brand to offer a 4-seat configuration for the backseats of a sedan model. Other popular luxury carmakers like Lexus also offer such option among a plethora of others. So, when it comes to that “department”, we could even say Bentley is just catching up actually.

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The new 4-seat option now allows more passengers to enjoy the luxury offered in the Bentley Flying Spur sedan

The new 4-seat Bentley Flying Spur also comes with a refreshed centre console that extends directly from the sedan’s front all through to the rear side and serves as an armrest and divider between the rear passengers. This centre console also houses a beautiful 5-inch touch display remote, extra storage area, cupholders, and more.

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