Get a 3D Lamborghini Aventador with N7.2 million, will you?


Posted by: Joshua-Philip Okeafor

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Here's a unique short cut to getting any dream car o your choice, like the Lamborghini Aventador for instance: print it in 3-D! Is that far fetched?

What do you think of a 3D printing of a Lamborghini Aventador? A father and his son have printed their own Lamborghini Aventador in 3-D, and it looks as authentic as the real deal.

Sterling Backus, who is a physicist and his son Xander, have joined heads to create a realistic true-to-life version of this popular exotic car. The project, which they have been working on for the past one and half years, has become more realistic than they ever imagined when they both started. The 3D printed vehicle is not just a fully size replica of the real one but is also fully functional.

On the Facebook social media page which they set up for the project, Mr. Backus stated that the aim of their project was to

“…show kids how cool science and engineering are, and demonstrate the power of technology.”

So far, the family has put in about $20,000 (~N7.2 million) while working from their garage for this awesome project and it’s amazing how they put together this remarkable car that is still causing a stare on the road even eight years after its production. This is to show how exciting the Lamborghini Aventador is and it’s because of its majestic look.

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Wow! It's difficult to wrap your head around the fact that this was printed like text on paper

Besides motivating kids about the importance and awesomeness of science, Mr. Backus and his son Xander built the vehicle as an inspiration from video games (Forza Horizon 3). They were both playing this game when his son asked him of the possibility of building the car.

Excluding the chassis, engine, transaxle and some of the other physical parts, the entire body of the car was shaped using a 3D printer and spools of thermoplastics of about 220. Some of the interior features were condensed into carbon fiber Kevlar or carbon fiber; however parts like headlights, air vents, taillights, and some other parts of the inside where also 3D printed.

Unlike the real vehicle, this 3D oriented Aventador will be using a 5.7-liter LS1 engine obtained from a 2003 Chevy Corvette which is tailored with a pair of turbochargers; this is because the real 6.5-liter V12 engine which the actual car uses is very expensive.

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A Physicist and His Son 3D Print a Full Scale Lamborghini

The chassis of the printed car was also created totally anew with a cantilever coil-over suspension system, though some of the other components have been borrowed from a Lamborghini car. Parts of the car OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) comprises the door windows, steering wheel, side mirror glass, rearview mirror, wiper arms and few switches which was gotten from an Audi.

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