3-year-old scratches 10 Audi cars in showroom, parents asked to pay ₦10.4m


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A Chinese couple had been asked to pay ₦10.4 million for damages after their toddler scratched up to 10 cars in a showroom. One of the cars happens to be the latest Audi Q3. Check what happened next!

A Chinese couple who took their 3-year-old child along on a trip to a car showroom in China on November 24th had been put in a financial nightmare after their daughter got creative on some of the brand new cars on display.


Among the cars scratched was a 2020 Audi Q3 car worth ₦12.5 million

Naijauto gathered that the child had used a small stone to scratch the body of some brand new Audi cars and SUVs as the couple was shopping around the showroom.
The incident occurred in Guilin, China. And while the names and models of most of the affected cars weren't listed in the reports gathered, it did mention the Audi Q3, sold for $34,700 (₦12.5 million) and the 2020 Audi Q3, which is worth $68,200 (₦25 million).

The car dealer demanded he is compensated for the damages done on the cars with the sum of 200,000 Yuan (₦10.4 million). The parents of the child objected as the money was much and they couldn't afford it.


Here's the spot she scratched on the Audi car

The car dealer, on his own part, said the damaged cars can't be sold as new cars again even after repainting them. Their prices have now been reduced and if he goes ahead to sell them at their normal prices with buyers being aware of the damages, he will be labeled as a fraudster.

As both parties couldn't settle the matter, it was taken to the court on December 3rd. There, a decision was reached and the couple ended up paying 70,000 Yuan. That's ₦3.6 million.

While in court, the couple had given some reasons why they shouldn't pay for the damages such as The child is still young or The child doesn't understand.

The court said they're not valid and they advised the parents to always monitor their child and teach her how to value the things she sees around her.

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