24 year-old Nigerian girl treats herself to a new Toyota Camry


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A 24-year-old Nigerian girl has bought herself a car as her birthday present.

Halima Indulgence, a Nigerian girl who claims to be an entrepreneur and Instagram fashionista has recently gifted herself a new Toyota Camry for her 24th birthday.

The young girl is a perfect example of independent Nigerian women who earn money and buy anything they want on their own.

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Halima Indulgence

Halima Indulgence has nearly 20,000 followers on her Instagram page

Halima Indulgence has nearly 20,000 followers on her Instagram page where she showcases her unique stylish outfits that have been raved by Nigerian girls, bringing her huge sale success.

2017 Toyota Camry

Her 2017 Toyota Camry costs more than a million Naira 

Her 2017 Toyota Camry which costs more than a million Naira comes with a roomy cabin, solid fuel economy and floaty rides.

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