Spy photos and video reveal the 2021 Mercedes E-Class Convertible face-lift


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Auto enthusiasts have released new spy photos and a video showing the 2021 Mercedes E-Class Convertible Face-lift with barely any Camo.

With the arrival of Sport Utility Vehicles, it is pretty obvious that the glory days of convertibles are running out fast. German automaker, Mercedes-Benz seems to be well aware of this change in trend because it has now stopped producing the SLC convertibles, and rumors claim that it might do the same for other S-Class convertibles due to weak demand.

However, the automaker is yet to give up on some models like the E-Class convertible. The face-lift of the 2021 model was recently caught on camera by spy cams.


2021 Mercedes E-Class convertible (facelift) caught on camera with barely any camouflage

Source: walkoART

No doubt Mercedes has gained quite a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of convertible cars. We even published an article some time ago that highlights the top 5 best Mercedes-Benz convertibles of all time. The German automaker enjoyed high demand from this huge segment of the global auto market for many years before the “craze” for SUVs started and convertibles had to take a back seat in the market.

Coming to the recently spotted 2021 Mercedes E-Class convertible, a certain YouTuber with the channel name walkoARTvideos shared photos and a short clip revealing the upcoming convertible model, captured with barely any camo in front of the company’s headquarters. Some of the features that one will notice right off the bat include the headlights, which seem to have been directly copied from the 2021 model of the E-Class wagon and sedan.

Also, when looking closely underneath the vehicle’s plastic cladding, we could see the front bumper that seems to be mildly reworked.

Below is the spy video uploaded by walkoARTvideos which reveals the new E-Class convertible;

  Mercedes Erlkönig A238 E-Klasse Cabriolet MoPf * Facelift E-Class Convertible * 4K SPY VIDEO

Seeing this upcoming convertible model barely covered in camouflage from the spy photos and video, we suspect that its official launch could be anytime from now.

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