The 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Special Edition is a glossy ₦272.6m delight


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The American iconic automaker, Ford, has unveiled its 2020 GT Liquid Carbon Special Edition with a price value of ₦272.6 million.

The American automaker, Ford, couldn’t miss the golden opportunity at this year’s Chicago Auto Show to officially introduce its Ford GT Liquid Special Edition for the 2020 model year. It comes fitted with a distinctive gloss carbon fiber skin, that is way different from what you might have seen before on other painted GT versions for years now.


The 2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon Edition Special Edition comes finished with a striking gloss carbon fiber skin

Producing a car with exposed carbon fiber is not just what anyone could pull off since there is no paint to cover up any imperfections in the material. By indication, this means there should be no iota of imperfection in every single weave.


The GT Liquid Carbon Special Edition offers higher performance and a standard Akrapovic exhaust system

According to the report, Multimatic in Markham, Ontario, is responsible for creating every one of Ford GTs, which includes this Liquid Carbon Special Edition. Usually, it takes up to a week to manufacture one Ford GT, with an average of five units leaving their facility every week. We learned that the Liquid Carbon Special Edition, on the other hand, takes up to 3 weeks to be built as a result of complexity in creating the perfect outside look. Every car is however produced from a single batch of manufacturing materials to ensure uniformity in every carbon look.

To get one, the automaker is giving out this special GT edition at the cost of $750,000 (₦272.6m), which is way more expensive than the painted 2020 GT model that is valued at $500,000 ((₦180m).

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2020 Ford GT Liquid Carbon revealed with 660 horsepower

Ford has also made some upgrades on its engine performance. The 2020 GT now offers a V6 twin-turbo 3.5-liter engine with an upgraded output of 660 hp from the previous 647 hp. All thanks to the higher energy ignition coils and gallery-cooled pistons, making this feat quite plausible. The automaker has expanded the intercoolers and also made the Akrapovic titanium exhaust system a standard feature now.

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